PCC Nursing class of 2011, thread Anyone find out?

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    I was just wondering if anyone found out about getting into Portland Community College nursing. Would like to meet people from this class. I found out a couple weeks ago.

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    COngratulations, I am in PCC class of 2010, feel free to contact me with any questions
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    I didn't get in this time. That lottery thing kind of stinks. Was it your first time applying? It was for me.
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    Yep, I got an acceptance letter. I checked online on 3/20/09 and got the letter in the mail 2 days later.

    Disappointed since they are now part of OCNE, but no "reserved" seat to go to OHSU for the BSN.
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    Congrats!! I got in as well :spin:
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    I got an invitation for interview at MHCC. A friend of mine also got one.

    We are both hoping to get in to MHCC...that would make one alternate at PCC VERY happy too.
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    I got an interview at Mt. Hood as well but PCC is more convenient for me so I doubt I will attend the Mt Hood interview.
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    I am so glad the PCC lottery is over. I have a 3.9 science GPA and I can't get in because my number wasn't pulled. I am glad they joined OCNE. I am hoping to get into Clark, MHCC or CCC this year but if I don't I should have a good chance at PCC because of their discretionary points. But I am praying, praying and praying that I get in this year. This is my second year trying.
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    did you get on the alternate list at PCC? just wondering if you knew and if you knew where you were if you did.
    Either way, best of luck on the rest of your applications. At least ONE of them should come through for you.
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    No, didn't get on the alternate list this year or last year. I'm pretty confident this will be my year. I retook a class so now I have all A's except one B in nutrition. What about you? Are you in a program? Thanks for the good luck wishes!! :redpinkhe

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