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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't answer all the questions I have.... Read More

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    Oh dear this is the ABSN forum! My bad! I applied to the traditional BSN at Kfalls.

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    I've been following this forum for awhile, but never actually posted. I thought for sure I had no chance of getting into any of the programs I applied to, but I got a phone call at 10:15 this morning offering me a spot into the summer cohort! There's still hope! Good luck to all the wait listers!
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    garci, may I ask why you thought you had no chance? I'm feeling the same and I'm not even applying until the end of the year!PS- Congrats
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    Congrats! I am happy for you both! A bit disheartened that the program is full. Good luck!
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    Sartorius- Well, I applied to Linfield, UofP, and OHSU this year. I got flat out denied at Linfield. I got on the UofP wait list, but found out I was 100-something in line for that. Reading through these boards I was expecting a denial, but was happily surprised at an alternate offer at OHSU. GPA of my previous degree was around 3.45 and my pre-req GPA was was actually only around a 3.6. Stiff competition lead to my belief of being farther down on the alternate list than I expected. Maybe my essay was better written than I thought, I pulled from my current experiences as a med aide in a memory care facility. I guess it's just one of those instances to believe that anything can truly happen.
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    Wow! I would love to have some crazy- huge spreadsheet of all the accepted students at all the programs. Based on what you said, I would have thought Linfield would've at least wait-listed you (according to my perception anyway).It sounds like you really wanted it and they recognized that. Good job!
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    good morning fellow absn waitlisters,
    has anyone else received a call to today from ohsu? this is the most nerve racking experience...my stomach is in complete knots and my heart is filled with anxiety and anticipation. my fingers are crossed for all of us!!
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    I received a call from OHSU yesterday at around noon saying that they would like to offer me admission to the Summer cohort. I was sort of in shock and I didn't accept right away, but they told me that I had until today (5/18) at noon to make a decision. I had some questions I needed to ask the Financial Aid department before I could accept. Eventually I called back at around 5pm to say that I accepted. So for those that are still waiting for a call, perhaps they will make more phone calls today.
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    Thank you for sharing! CONGRATS
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    Have you received a call from OHSU?

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