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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't answer all the questions I have.... Read More

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    Thank you so much for your input, llh5057!! Congrats again on being in the program and thanks for the helpful info!
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    pdxrose--no I haven't heard from OHSU yet, so I assume it's a no
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    Hello happiness and pdxrose,
    Optimism will prevail...good luck!!!!! Have a wonderful day
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    I just found out that the Kfalls OHSU BSN campus doesn't send out their letters until next week! So another week of waiting....
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    @aprilshower.emma - can you post the links to the loan programs you were talking about? I am on the waitlist for OHSU's ASBN and I am not really sure what to do about money. I know that financial aid won't cover everything but how do I make sure my tuition will be covered if I am not accepted currently? What if I get in a few days before classes -is that enough time to find private loans? What did you do? Thanks!!!
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    Hi fellow waitlisters,
    Has anyone contacted OHSU School of Nursing regarding specific date(s) or a time frame in which OHSU starts to notifying waitlisters of any potential openings for the ABSN Summer/Fall Cohorts? The wait is torture to say the least! THANK YOU!
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    Hi Andee137,
    Sorry for the delayed response. I have to do a little digging through some paperwork to locate the various websites of private financial institutions/banks that offer private loans with low interest rates. Again, sorry for the delay and have a great night!
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    No worries. Thank you so much!
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    hi llh5057,

    thanks for sharing so much. just a couple questions - i couldn't tell if you were saying that more of the waitlisters were accepted for fall rather than summer. is that true? also, your description of the program seems so different from sarabear44's post at the beginning of this thread (spring 2011). she made it seem really balanced with free time for personal interests, etc. does that feel true for you or do you feel like you are basically living at school? thanks!
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    does anyone know what specific date(s) or time frame in which ohsu starts to notify alternates of any potential openings for the absn summer/fall cohorts? thank you

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