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As OHSU had just sent out all their letters, I thought I'd start a thread about it. I am a 27 year old student who figured out a little later than some that I wanted to go into nursing and have... Read More

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    That's exactly how I felt! I even started to apply for childcare and hospital (or both combined) jobs in Portland. Funnily enough, one job just contacted me today for an interview. I'll have to tell them I didn't plan on getting into nursing school when I applied!

    I was so excited I was literally shaking. And now I'm really impatient for my packet to come! Checking the mail everyday again!
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    Hello Buttercup and Reid!!!!

    I am very happy for you two! You guys were on my mind even though we have never met and I am very happy to hear that you've made it to the program! Have a great summer and congrats again!
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    Thanks, yay. You as well!
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    Congratulations buttercup and Reid!
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    Thanks portland_medic. I look forward to meeting you and the others in the fall!

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