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As OHSU had just sent out all their letters, I thought I'd start a thread about it. I am a 27 year old student who figured out a little later than some that I wanted to go into nursing and have... Read More

  1. by   Reid
    Congratulations, portland medic! How long ago did you get the call?
  2. by   nwnursing
    Portland Medic,

    That is just great. Congratulations!

    NW Nursing
  3. by   tyvin
    Quote from buttercupp85
    So this morning... I got a call from OHSU! They offered me a spot in Ashland. I'm so freaking excited! Good luck to everyone else and don't give up hope!
    Congratulations! I graduated from OHSU/OSU. You're going to be so lucky if the professors I had are still there (they are). You are going to learn so much. It's the best BSN program on this planet IMO. Ashland is so mellow. I almost turned vegetarian living in that town. It's great and good luck.

    FYI...I don't know if they fixed it yet but after you graduate and you want transcripts it's going to be 2 sets...1 from OHSU and the other from OSU. The bachelor's degree is from OSU.
  4. by   happiness123
    Congrats buttercup!!! That's so exciting!
  5. by   Reid
    Congratulations, Buttercup!!
  6. by   portland medic
    Thanks everyone! I got the call around 1215 today.
  7. by   buttercupp85
    Thanks everyone! I got my call around the same time as well
  8. by   claireclaire
    Haven't had time to read through all the posts yet but congrats to those who got in!

    I am applying once the September 2012 online application process begins.
    Can someone tell me how to go about the proctored essay part of the application?
    I'm doing prereqs at pcc atm. I know I have to search for a qualified proctor in my college.
    If I start to register and begin the online process, does it include the essay part at the same time as well?
  9. by   portland medic
    @claire- Don't sweat the OHSU proctored essay too much. PCC will provide the proctor and testing site for a nominal fee in a very painless process. They make it very easy for you. Just go to the OHSU admissions page and create an online application account, and follow the directions when you are ready to apply. You can start filling it months in advance also. Don't worry too much about the essay itself either. There were no curve balls, just Straightforward questions. Just be ready and bring your A game. In hindsight the OHSU application ended up being easier and less stressful than all the other schools I applied to ( PCC, MHCC, Clackamas, and Chemeketa ). Good luck! Apply to as many programs as you can.
  10. by   buttercupp85
    The proctored essay is separate. You'll need to find a proctor and you'll email OHSU your proctor's info. I'm sure you can do this on campus at PCC. I did mine at OIT. Then you schedule a date to do your essay. You don't know the topic beforehand and I was given 2 hours, a private office with a desktop that had video cameras around it, and a scratch piece of paper and a pencil. Everything on you, like a cell phone, is stored somewhere. you have to bring with you a pre stamped and addressed envelope to give to your proctor so the essay is never in your hands to mail, but you can print out a copy to take home. You're not allowed to talk about the essay topic to anyone else. Oh and also they check the internet log because you're not allowed to look up info in the net during the essay.

    But don't sweat it, I applied for OHSU this year and last year, and the essay questions weren't bad. One of the things they also look for is that you can follow directions. I definitely thought my essay was better this year, doing it again. And I made it in this year! Good luck!
  11. by   Reid
    It appears that OHSU is making their second round on filling spots for the Portland program.

    I just got the call. I look forward to meeting those of you on the Portland campus in fall.
  12. by   buttercupp85
    Congrats! I'm sure that made your day
  13. by   Reid
    I'm very excited! I had just decided to accept that I didn't get in and move on.

    The giggling and hooting you guys hear from just north of the Columbia River is me - pay no mind.