OHSU Accelerated Bachelors to Masters 2011

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    Anyone else applying to OHSU's accelerated bachelors program this year? The application seems to be open, though I'm not seeing a place to select a specialty within it.

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    Not quite yet, but hopefully soon!!!! good luck to you!!!
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    I'm applying but similarly confused by the app... really need to get to work on it, that much I know. It's funny how no one else has replied to this -- maybe it's just you and me applying this year?
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    Crossing my fingers that we are the only people applying

    It does seem like the essay asks for the specialty, but it's kind of surprising that it doesn't ask for it anywhere else.
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    Do you happen to know anything about the fees there? I'm confused by the fee charts -- wondering if non-residents (me) pay resident tuition plus non-resident FEES, or if the number in the 'non-resident' column is really the tuition for non-residents. Either way -- wow.

    I would really like to go to school here for so many reasons.
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    I'm pretty sure that the number is just the number in the non-resident column. At some point I'd figured out that it was going to cost me around $125,000 to go to school at OHSU (vs 145ish for Yale and 115ish for UCSF), including basic cost of living (rent/utilities).

    I have a friend who just graduated from OHSU and really loved the program. It sounds great!
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    Have you started working on the essays? There are so many of them! I felt like I didn't have enough room with my UCSF essays, and now I almost feel like I don't have enough to say...
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    It is a kind of incredible number of essays. I have plenty to say (always! hah! I'm a talker!) but am having a dickens of a time organizing it between this essay and that... I feel you, it's tough. And now that I've written so much, I feel like my whole UCSF essay would be SO different. Oh well...

    Good luck!
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    When you go into the online application, under "Planned Course of Study," are you seeing any option other than Accelerated Bachelors? I believe OHSU has an accelerated bachelors without the masters component attached, so I want to make sure that I'm selecting the right thing.
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    Does anyone have any specs on that last essay and whether we have to include the separate 'bias against patient' paragraph within the 2-page length?

    And (I am a talker, so this comes up) they suggest cutting and pasting from a wordpad doc into the boxes online to check your page length. My essay fits the specs in microsoft word (1" margins, 12pt font), but is way over length in my computer's wordpad program. I know it sounds whiny, but i can't figure out if i should keep cutting? it's getting very difficult... Anyone else running into this?

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