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I didn't see a thread.....although it is quite early yet for some to be thinking about the upcoming application session. I am a senior at Marylhurst/PCC, will be graduating Spring 2013 and applying to OHSU, Duke, and John Hopkins... Read More

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    I applied and sent in my documents this week as well.

    My undergrad cumulative gpa was 3.7, prereq is 4.0, I feel that I wrote a very compelling essay- so here's to hoping that the admissions committee thinks I did too.

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    I'm wondering- since it's past the application due date, how did you guys handle the smoking pregnant woman question? I debated on how to answer it for quite some time and am unsure if the approach I took is what they were looking for.
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    Hey wroblow, what do you do at OHSU? I also work for OHSU and have been doing research at the west campus since October 2000. Maybe this will help us a little in the admissions process??? With as competitive as the program is, I think it's strange that the program does not accept letters of recommendation and does not conduct interviews! What are your thoughts?
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    I work in the biochemistry department coordinating two graduate programs and I also do grants and contracts for my department and regenerative medicine. I volunteer as a research assistant on a psych study through the CDRC and have been shadowing a nurse practitioner at the Richmond Clinic as well. Letters of recommendation would have been great and I think they are extremely helpful as you often have amazing candidates who are not good at "promoting" themselves. In fact, I think those are usually the people you WANT in programs. I sit in on meetings for faculty and student recruitment so I've seen this process first hand and can't imagine selecting people without reference letters. I am one of those people who is bad at selling myself on paper. I like to let my actions speak to my character, so my essay was more of a list of what I've done and less of an intriguing life saga, which is why I'm not super hopeful of my chances of getting selected.

    I think they are looking for people who have been around the clinical side of healthcare, since it can be daunting and is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. So I guess that working or volunteering at OHSU would give us some advantage, although working/volunteering with another institution would probably be looked at equally.

    This is a numbers game really. They have well qualified candidates every year and not enough spaces for all of them. I will be sad if I don't get in, but I also know that everyone who does get in deserves it
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    Hi there! I'm Erin, just applied to Acc Bach/Master's for Psych Mental Health for entry in summer '13. Anyone else?I am hoping my essays were compelling enough. I can't help but second guess myself, but we will see what happens!
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    Hey Erin, I also applied to the accelerated bachelors/masters for PMHNP. Do you know if they conduct interviews? I read on the website that interviews are next month but that seems so soon after the application deadline. Good luck with everything!
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    Hi Hannah - My understanding is that they do conduct interviews around the 2nd week of February. I am not sure if they will call or e-mail to schedule those. I think in previous years they have called. I interview pretty well, so I am hoping that if I get called in for an interview, that will be a chance to shine.What is your background? This will be a major career change for me.
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    Hey Erin,
    Did you receive anything regarding the status of your application? I submitted mine in late December but haven't heard anything yet. My background is a bachelors degree in psychology. I have worked in a hospital for 4 years doing administrative work. I also have volunteer experience working with children with autism and various behavioral disorders. I also volunteer in the PACU at a hospital. So I don't have any direct mental health or patient care experience but definitely relevant experience. What about you?
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    has anyone seen their transcripts show up as received online yet? I keep checking my account and it still shows they weren't received.
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    My account also says my transcripts have not yet been received. I'm assuming it just takes them a while to process all of the paperwork.

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