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I didn't see a thread.....although it is quite early yet for some to be thinking about the upcoming application session. I am a senior at Marylhurst/PCC, will be graduating Spring 2013 and applying to OHSU, Duke, and John Hopkins... Read More

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    232 is alright-- summer courses are always so different and hard to adjust to, but the material to me was easier than 231. I am hoping to finish well and advance to my final term, 233!

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    So how are everyone doing with their applications?

    I just received my final transcript and am almost done with my essay ... application deadline will be here before we know it :-)
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    dkmamato3 i've turned mine in so glad its done with

    i also wanted to ask people that have already turned their applications in
    are we supposed to receive some kind of confirmation that they received our postal mail package (signiture page, transcripts, etc.) or are we supposed to hope they got everything...
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    and merry christmas everyone
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    Hello! Stumbled upon this forum section although I'm a BSN Fall 2013 applicant. I emailed OHSU about receipt of documents that I mailed in and they said that it takes a couple of weeks to process materials once they received them. Plus the admissions office will notify us if they are missing things from us. Hope this is of help!
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    I am having some friends do a final edit of my essay and the optional scholarship essays, and everything else is ready to go!

    I hope that they stick with letting all of us know by April 1st-- but from previous years threads that does not seem to be true.

    Good Luck to everyone!
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    After they recieve your items it should update on your application page that they have been recieved. I do not believe that they will contact you beyond that, even if you are missing items that make your application incomplete.

    I recieved an e-mail from them about 2 weeks ago:

    Thank you for starting (or submitting) your online application to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing program at OHSU! The application deadline is January 5th. This requires that your online application is submitted and all your supplemental materials are postmarked by the January 5th deadline. Note: If you receive this e-mail multiple times it is due to the number of applications you have started with us.

    Once you have submitted your online application, you must mail in hard copies of your signature page, prerequisite coursework form, all official college transcripts to:

    OHSU School of Nursing
    Office of Admissions SN-ADM
    3455 SW US Veteran’s Hospital Rd.
    Portland, OR 97239
    Application Status and Key Dates

    If you have already submitted your online application and supplemental materials packet, please feel free to check your application status online after the January 5th deadline. Just go to the application link located here: https://sisweb.ohsu.edu/SISPRD/bwskalog.P_DispLoginNon and use the same log-in and password you used to submit your application with us. You will see a checklist of items which will list whether or not we have received your supplemental materials. Please keep in mind we will be processing a very high volume of applications after the January 5th deadline and receipt of documents will be posted only as your file will be processed.

    Decision letters for this program will be mailed out by April 1, 2013.

    Thank you.


    OHSU School of Nursing
    Office of Admissions
    (503) 494-7725
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    I applied last week and, since I work at OHSU already, I hand delivered my packet to the admissions office. I don't have high hopes of getting in. My GPA is good enough, but I don't feel like I went into enough detail in my essay. I guess I will just have to wait and see [fingers crossed!]
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    Just submitted my application today and sent out the remaining pieces via certified mail...now hopefully classes will keep me loaded down with homework and other things to think about until the middle of April ;-)
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    Hello to the 2013 Applicants! I'm so glad I've found this thread. I look forward to meeting some other prospective students who have applied to the OHSU accelerated nursing program. I'm excited but nervous about my upcoming career change.

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Carrie. I have an undergraduate degree in Physiology and a Master's degree in Business Admin. I have worked as a Senior Research Assistant at OHSU for the past twelve years. I am a bit worried about my application since my undergrad. GPA was not ideal. =/

    My undergrad GPA was only a 3.0
    My Master's degree GPA was 3.91
    All of my current pre-requisites have been 4.0

    I'm hoping that my extensive research experience and community volunteering will strengthen my application. I'm hoping that this forum will give me insight into typical student schedule and life over the 16 month program. I am a 35 year old mother of three, so logistics of balancing it all are obviously a huge concern for me.

    I can't wait to chat with some other prosepctive students from the 2013 applicant pool!

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