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I didn't see a thread.....although it is quite early yet for some to be thinking about the upcoming application session. I am a senior at Marylhurst/PCC, will be graduating Spring 2013 and applying to OHSU, Duke, and John Hopkins... Read More

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    Does anyone know when the scholarship information will be sent out?

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    With offical letters some financial aid package information is typically sent out- but I think we find out more in May at orientation, too. After you receive a letter of acceptance, you will be able to contact the FA office at SoN and speak with them. Some scholarships are open now, though, and close before the end of April- so I would be looking and researching on your own. If I get accepted, I plan on applying to the Nursing Corps/HRSA scholarship- but you have to have proof that you have been accepted.
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    Orientation is in may?
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    It does appear that in years past orientation has been in May, yes.
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    Thank you i had no idea
    It seems early since we start late june, i think?
    Is this info on their website?
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    OHSU School of Nursing -*Orientation

    that's the link to orientation info. Looks like for summer it's June 14 (on campus orientation)
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    thanks wroblow!
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    June 14 is so close ... now if April 15th would just hurry up so we can find out if we are in :-)
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    I applied for the Klamath Falls campus, but was also notified that even though it's not an official rejection (way to ease the ego, right?) the chances of me getting in are not likely. It's hard not to be disappointed when my family keeps bringing it up... Congrats to those of you who are either continuing in the process, or have heard from other schools! I've been rejected for three schools as of right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that something will come my way. :/
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    Anyone else recieve any e-mails this week? Wishing we would ben notified this week, but hoping that the next week might bring some positive news!

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