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I didn't see a thread.....although it is quite early yet for some to be thinking about the upcoming application session. I am a senior at Marylhurst/PCC, will be graduating Spring 2013 and applying... Read More

  1. by   ecable
    I haven't been contacted for an interview yet, Hannah.
  2. by   UrineGoodHands
    The interviews are still scheduled for the 14th and 15th. I bug them every few days about whether phone calls have gone out yet. Has anyone heard???
  3. by   ecable
    I haven't heard yet, mgellis! Please let us know when you do!
  4. by   hannahzp
    I also haven't heard yet. Does anyone know if the interviews are only in person? I live in California and that would be very short notice to get a plane ticket.
  5. by   hannahzp
    Just got a phone call to interview!
  6. by   revesreves
    Quote from hannahzp
    Just got a phone call to interview!
    Great Hannah! Are you an ABSN only applicant? I was not sure if they were giving interviews to ABSN only candidates.
  7. by   ecable
    Me, too! Interview is on Wednesday (psych program).
  8. by   hannahzp
    Thanks! No I'm a bsn to masters applicant. Congrats Erin!
  9. by   UrineGoodHands
    Yay! I got an interview. I found a great pdf to help prepare you for interviews that is made by the University of Arizona.
  10. by   ecable
    Me, too, mgellis! Do you have a link to the PDF?
  11. by   UrineGoodHands
    Quote from ecable
    Me, too, mgellis! Do you have a link to the PDF?
    Here's the link to that PDF. http://www.career.arizona.edu/docs/i...-.pdf?sfvrsn=0

    Good luck everyone!
  12. by   hannahzp
    Is anyone else interviewing via Skype? Just curious. I live in Southern California and they gave me the option rather than finding a last minute flight.
  13. by   dkmamato3
    Excited for you all who have interviews scheduled....good luck!

    Now is it April yet .... I can't wait to hear news about the ABSN program.