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New Graduate Positions in Portland Area

  1. 0 I am graduating in June and starting to apply for new graduate positions. I will apply for OHSU's new graduate ICU programs, but are there any others in the area people have gone through and really enjoyed? I am also trying to apply for the ICU one at Salem Hospital but can't figure out where to apply. My passions are pediatric critical care and pediatric oncology, but I have yet to find an internship that specific.
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    I am in the most recent Salem residency cohort, as an adult critical care float. I applied through their careers section when I saw a listing up on the page. Don't forget about Legacy and Adventist new grad residencies. I am not sure about pediatric spots at any of them because it wasn't where I was looking, sorry. Good luck, the market for new grads here is brutal, but many in my cohort were newly graduated.
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    I'm an applicant and awaiting good news from the schools I applied to, however, I work at a hospital in Portland and I keep up with their job postings and area hospitals job posting for nursing positions and it seems there are a lot of jobs out there,whether flex or full time. I know many of them require experience, but not all of them do. You should apply for the residency positions with legacy, OHSU and Salem. If possible look at a rural area because they will pay a large percentage of your student loans if you agree to work for them for a couple years. To be honest, some of these positions aren't being filled because no one wants to work night shift. I'd work night shift in a heart beat if I had to in order to gain experience, but I realize everyones situation is different. But if you are willing to work nights that may open more doors.
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    Thank you both for the advice. I am working night shifts right now during my clinicals so I am okay with working nights. I will just be happy to get a job and figure I can't be picky as a new graduate. I have heard Salem's internship is wonderful. Good luck!