New Grad Programs in Portland, Oregon

  1. Hello,
    Does anyone know of any new grad programs in Portland, Oregon?
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  3. by   Krystal_loves_babies
    There are a few hospitals in the portland area that have new grad programs. However, jobs in portland are hard to come by right now even if you have experience. If you're willing to travel, Salem hospital has a nurse residency program for summer 2009 that they were hiring for a week ago. They also will just hire new grads into specific units if that is where you had your senior preceptorship.

    Legacy Health System also has new grad internships, however due to the economic situation right now, they are unable to hire for summer internships. Their website says they will be hiring new grads again in the fall.

    OHSU has a few new grad nurse programs, however they are on a hiring freeze right now. Just check their career site periodically to search for jobs.

    Providence Health System will also hire new grads, however they aren't doing much hiring right now either.

    Lastly if you're willing to travel north to Vancouver, Southwest Washington Medical Center hires new grads as well. They have many positions that will accect applications from new grads, and they also have three new grad programs: ER, ICU, and Perioperative nursing internships. Southwest however, doesn't state when they are hiring for internships, so you just have to keep up with the jobs posted on their website. I hope this helps, good luck :wink2:

    So, are you in the portland area already looking for a job, or are you from out of town? Have you graduated already? I wish you the best of luck If you have any other questions or want to know more specifics don't hesitate to ask!
  4. by   StSchulz
    I will graduate in May and plan to move to Portland since I have friends there and really like the area. Here in DE there is only one big and one smaller hospital and they are not hiring.
    Any changes since the previous post in May?

  5. by   OregonBSN
    My graduating class (Dec 2009) has about 10 placements so far. A fellow intern said his cohort had less than 1/3 of his class finding positions (May 2009) and yet another said maybe less than 25% from a (August 2009) - all BSNs. Many that did find jobs moved out of the area.

    There are 6 BSN programs and 6 ADN programs in the Portland/North Willamette Valley area with about 10 programs graduating students in May/June.

    You will have lots of competition come May, the job market is still pretty bleak and most intern posting are open for a few short days because the get literally hundreds of applicants - often they will only take the first 50 submissions online.
  6. by   afgawler71
    I moved to Portland from Virginia after I graduated in Dec 2009. I am still unemployed. I got my nursing license on February 24th. It has been EXTREMELY difficult to get a job, or even an interview. I have applied to every single hospital, long-term care, clinic, recruiting agency, within a 100 mile radius. I have applied in southern Oregon and all over Washington. The job market is very bad right now and there is lots of competition. I got an Associate's Degree, which at OHSU, the recruiter said they accept equally, but they prefer BSN because it's a teaching hospital. I did not realize how bad it would be before I moved here, I thought it might be difficult, but my application's don't even get considered half the time. (they are mostly online so you can check the status) Legacy has been reviewing their internships since February and still have not decided if they will offer any this summer or fall. Also, Legacy will absolutely not hire a new grad if you don't have 6 months nursing experience or you've completed their internship program. Providence never seems to have appropriate jobs for new grads, and my resume has never been considered. The problem about these 2 hospital systems, is the fact that they have multiple facilities around this area, but you won't be able to get a job at any of them. This severely limits the hospitals that you can apply to in the surrounding areas. The VA Medical Center said they are also not hiring new grads unless they completed their preceptorship there. So, that's ruled out too. Basically, OHSU and nursing homes are the best shot right now, but those are even stagnant. Samaritan Health services is a hospital system in Corvallis, Lebanon, and Albany areas, which is about an hour and a half from Portland, and they have some new grad opportunities. (although, I still haven't heard back) Anyway, I just wanted to give a more recent view of the situation. If I would have read this before I moved, I would have reconsidered. It's very sad, but getting a nursing job is not easy AT ALL. Especially in Portland.
  7. by   ORRocksRN
    so what are all of you Portland area new grads doing to look for a job? are you going out of town, waiting it out, working as CNAs, continuing your education....hoping things in pdx will get better?
  8. by   afgawler71
    I will go out of town, if the prospects of employment seem better. I.E. if there are more new grad positions and job postings, or my application is reviewed more often. I am waiting it out as long as possible, but the amount of money saved is running out...Vancouver is very close to Portland, but you will have to have a Washington License to be considered...I have not been working as a CNA, but I have gotten an ACLS and ECG certification, enrolled in a TNCC course and have been volunteering for the Red Cross. The OHSU recruiter said these are excellent things to be doing...My major hope is that things get better in Portland...FAST!
  9. by   fathertod
    You honestly think it will get better once the newest/next new grad class graduates? I would think again. It only means more people chasing the few amount of jobs currently out in the marketplace. If you are going to move you should move now. Start by looking at out of the way places.. here is a start...Dimmit County Memorial Hospital : Jobline the above job fill out the general application.. its in crystal city, tx. or try this one: Nursing careers and medical jobs in Texas, South Texas Hospital
  10. by   afgawler71
    Pardon me, but I don't think there's any need to be condescending... I have been merely stating the situation as of yet in Portland, since that was the request of the original thread. Do you live in Oregon? Texas is an infeasible place to relocate from here and I appreciate the suggestion, but this is about the situation in Portland. Those who choose to stay, can stay on their own accord after weighing the positives and negatives of the situation. My suggestion would be, and the agreed suggestion from recruiters, is to keep trying in Oregon and get all the CEU's that you can get, and your chances will be better. If that is not promising for an individual, than they can choose to go to Texas. KEEP POSITIVE PORTLANDERS! Things have been picking up with the job postings!
  11. by   muffingirl
    Thanks for the links fathertod- I am actually willing to go anywhere to get my first year!!

    Good luck in Portland too, I am sure things will pan out for you soon.
  12. by   ORRocksRN
    afgawler71-what is a TNCC course??
  13. by   fathertod
    Quote from muffingirl
    Thanks for the links fathertod- I am actually willing to go anywhere to get my first year!!

    Good luck in Portland too, I am sure things will pan out for you soon.
    If you need more job links for jobs that are open and such let me know via email or PM or whatever.
  14. by   afgawler71
    Quote from traveler2bee
    afgawler71-what is a TNCC course??
    A TNCC course is Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum, it's a certification that I have seen hospitals listing as preferred, for Trauma, ER, and it probably would be helpful with an ICU position as well. They're hard to find, but I'm taking one at a Community College here in Portland.