LPN to RN Programs in the Portland area?

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    Hello, I'm thinking of transferring from ND to a school in the Portland area after I graduate and become an LPN. I will continue on for my RN. I was wondering what are some affordable, but good nursing programs in OR?

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    Mt Hood Community College is about 15 miles east of Portland. They offer the LPN>RN program but apparently not for 2012. Next one is 2013.

    Here's a link to their info page. Look about halfway down on the left.

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    MHCC has a TON of hoops to jump through (once they actually begin offering the program). The only other one I know of is Walla Walla's Portland campus, but they are more expensive (less hoops though). Good luck!!
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    There is also Lower Columbia Community College. It is located in Longview WA but it is an online LPN to RN program. Application deadline for this year has passed (I only know because my cousins girlfriend applied to the program). I don't know if this is true or not (I graduated with my RN but now headed to OHSU for my BSN) but I think OR requires 6 months experience as an LPN before being accepted into an LPN to RN program. You might want to look into other online programs as they may be easier to get accepted to.

    Also, OR is HORRIBLE for nurses right now. I graduated a year ago with my ADN. I just accepted a full time job. I have been working on-call and temporary jobs since graduation. LTC is where I have been and I have yet to find a hospital job. I start my new home health job next week. Good luck to you.

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