looking for feedback on Pioneer Pacific College's LPN progam in Springfield, OR

  1. I am in the process of applying to Pioneer Pacific College practical nursing program in springfield, OR.
    While searching for ratings I came across a lot scary negative feedback about the other programs they offer but nothing about their LPN program. My thinking is maybe the LPN program is fine since I didn't find any bad feedback for that one, but am still concerned about wasting a lot of time and money. Would really appreciate if anyone who has gone through that program would share their feedback.
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  3. by   LoveMyBugs
    I haven't talked to anyone who has been there but you have checked on the OSBN for their pass rates? It looks like 2009 was their first year with graduates with only 85% pass rate. Pinoneer in Willsonville dosn't loo much better with 86%, which would lead me to belive that it might be the organization.

  4. by   Diya108
    Thanks for the info. Seeing the pass rates shows that they don't teach well. I think I might just stick to apollo college since they also have the LPN to RN bridge program at their Boise campus.
  5. by   mamayogibear
    Has anyone actually done this program? If they are accredited when you start the program are you definatly able to sit for the NCLEX even if the school looses accreditation. My cousin lives in Eugene and I was thinking of living with her for cheap while worksource pays my tuition at a tech school since I've ran across some financial hardship this summer. Also, is anyone from Springfield, is it a safe town/good for kids. The only place here in Portland I can afford right now is NE and its not the greatest neihborhood. As long as I can sit for the license exam at the end of the program, I'm not too concerned as I have allready done the prereq work for a BSN program, I just cant afford to stay in school for three more years!
    If anyonne has done this program how many hours a day and days per week is it? Would it be possible to work part time as a CNA or is the program 36-40 hours on campus/clinicals per week?
  6. by   Diya108
    I don't think that a program can lose their accreditation in middle of the year. Springfield/Eugene is a good place for kids. Much better than Portland NE. It is easy to find a cheap place to live in a good or decent neighborhood. How do you get worksource to pay for the school?
  7. by   mamayogibear
    Work source pays for job training for vocational and technical schools if you are a single parent and a dislocaited/displaced worker. I am a single mom of 2 and just got divorced so I qualify, if you are a low income parent I suggest contacting an office to see if you can get tuition assistance.
    Do you know much about the Gateway neighborhood of Springfield, it's close to Pioneer Pacific and cheap So I might try to move there.

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