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Linfield College ABSN 2012 - page 5

Hi there, Wondering if anyone else is planning to apply to Linfield's ABSN for next summer? Looking forward to getting to know some of you! :) Michelle... Read More

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    shauna i think your tag line is accurate..if you said Linfield Class would be Summer 2013...adding cohort makes it 2012...i ain't no inglish major though.
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    i registered for my classes for summer and fall...looks like the 56 students are split into two groups, one of 32 and 24. and we register in blocks of 3 classes...and theyre not letting anyone do special scheduling.
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    agh, sorry for the delay in responding, shauna! for some reason i didn't get an update for the thread like i normally do. anyway! i'll be living in SE -- kinda nestled in between woodstock and sellwood. if you are (or anyone else is) in that remote area and would like a carpool buddy, let me know. at some point i think i might to try to be a full time bike commuter since i'll be living right near the springwater corridor, buuuuut i also realize that i might be overextending myself. especially when its cold and rainy later on in the year. we'll see how it goes.

    i'm in the PA block of classes; anyone else?
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    Michelle - no problem! I still check the forums pretty often even though there's not much activity.

    I'm still looking for a place to live / roommates if anyone is interested! I have two small dogs which is turning out to make things a little difficult.

    Has anyone seen a bulletin board for student postings on campus?
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    I'm in the PB block for this summer. I think we all have class together on Mondays though.
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