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Hi there, Wondering if anyone else is planning to apply to Linfield's ABSN for next summer? Looking forward to getting to know some of you! :) Michelle... Read More

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    I don't know, but I'm curious, because I'm on it. I feel like OHSU is holding everything up, so as soon as people hear back from there, spots will open up. I still have 3 pre-req's for Linfield, so this is going to be one crazy term! Already stressed, and it's day 1!
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    I am also taking extra classes for Linfield this term, so stressful! But it's all worth it, I feel so anxious not knowing though...I hope we find out soon!
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    happiness, did u get into linfield?
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    I am waitlisted! I was pretty happy with it since I was expecting a rejection!
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    hi, all

    i am sending in my acceptance letter today!! although, ifeel anxious and nervous i am very excited for june to get here so we can startthe program. i can’t wait to meeteveryone.

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    ensure accuracy
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    is anyone moving to portland and looking for a potential roomie? i had originally planned to live alone, but the more i think about it, it might be nice to have a study buddy and someone to share rent with. let me know.
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    Skills21-ive just sent off my letter of it to win it now! Can't wait to meet everyone.
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    I'm also mailing in my acceptance letter tomorrow. Very excited to start in June!

    I started a group on facebook called Linfield ABSN Summer 2012 Cohort. Please feel free to join! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. I hope that's the name of our cohort... or are we the class of Summer 2013 cohort? (I added my sister because I needed another person to start the group.)

    Michelle - I'll be moving from Oregon City to Portland. I agree that it'd be nice to have someone to study with and possibly carpool to class. Send me a message here or on facebook if you're still looking for a roommate.
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    shauna i think your tag line is accurate..if you said Linfield Class would be Summer 2013...adding cohort makes it 2012...i ain't no inglish major though.