Linfield College ABSN 2012 - page 2

Hi there, Wondering if anyone else is planning to apply to Linfield's ABSN for next summer? Looking forward to getting to know some of you! :) Michelle... Read More

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    aj! too funny! miss you too, dearie. see you this week!

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    Fo sho!!!!!!!!! Good times
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    any of you guys get responses from linfield yet?

    Hey Thomas...I'm originally from california and got accepted to Samuel Merritt ABSN oakland cohort...did you get a response?
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    I have not heard from Linfield yet, but they said on their facebook page that they sent the letters out yesterday, good luck!
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    just received linfield acceptance letter!!! And what a surprise they are giving away transfer scholarships!!!! the cost should be very competitive to instate OHSU tuition fees!
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    CONGRATS pnlu! soooo exciting! Would you mind posting your GPA, experience, etc? For the benefit of myself and future applicants! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
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    sure no problem...

    Cum GPA (everything under the sun since highschool): 3.60 gpa

    Prereq GPA (not just the science, but the english and humantities): just shy of 4.00 (I may have had an A- or two in a couple classes)

    Science GPA (all from PCC): 4.00

    Graduated from UC Davis in california in 2001 BS in managerial economics and did public accounting and accounting related recruiting/staffing. Volunteered for 6 months in an ER but honestly I didnt do anything but grab supplies.

    Since linfield does the insight resume (with severely limited length of answers)...i dont think the written part of my application was anything spectacular.
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    I also received an acceptance letter! Woot!

    My stats are...
    3.72 cumulative and 3.8 pre-req GPA (pre-reqs completed in undergrad plus one PCC psych course)
    BS in Biology from the University of Utah, 2008
    Work in a basic science research lab as a tech, also worked in clinical research and clinical laboratory. Currently volunteering in Med/Surg unit.
    Personal experience taking care of a loved one with a chronic disease for many years.
    For my insight resume, I ended up changing a few topics at the last minute. I decided to go with more personally meaningful and less standard/safe responses.
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    congrats shauna! are you accepting or waiting out for more offers?
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    Wait listed at Linfield... bummer! Better than a denial though

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