Linfield College ABSN 2012 - page 2

Hi there, Wondering if anyone else is planning to apply to Linfield's ABSN for next summer? Looking forward to getting to know some of you! :) Michelle... Read More

  1. by   happiness123
    I have not heard from Linfield yet, but they said on their facebook page that they sent the letters out yesterday, good luck!
  2. by   pnlu007
    just received linfield acceptance letter!!! And what a surprise they are giving away transfer scholarships!!!! the cost should be very competitive to instate OHSU tuition fees!
  3. by   happiness123
    CONGRATS pnlu! soooo exciting! Would you mind posting your GPA, experience, etc? For the benefit of myself and future applicants! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
  4. by   pnlu007
    sure no problem...

    Cum GPA (everything under the sun since highschool): 3.60 gpa

    Prereq GPA (not just the science, but the english and humantities): just shy of 4.00 (I may have had an A- or two in a couple classes)

    Science GPA (all from PCC): 4.00

    Graduated from UC Davis in california in 2001 BS in managerial economics and did public accounting and accounting related recruiting/staffing. Volunteered for 6 months in an ER but honestly I didnt do anything but grab supplies.

    Since linfield does the insight resume (with severely limited length of answers)...i dont think the written part of my application was anything spectacular.
  5. by   shauna.r
    I also received an acceptance letter! Woot!

    My stats are...
    3.72 cumulative and 3.8 pre-req GPA (pre-reqs completed in undergrad plus one PCC psych course)
    BS in Biology from the University of Utah, 2008
    Work in a basic science research lab as a tech, also worked in clinical research and clinical laboratory. Currently volunteering in Med/Surg unit.
    Personal experience taking care of a loved one with a chronic disease for many years.
    For my insight resume, I ended up changing a few topics at the last minute. I decided to go with more personally meaningful and less standard/safe responses.
  6. by   pnlu007
    congrats shauna! are you accepting or waiting out for more offers?
  7. by   smallfry2
    Wait listed at Linfield... bummer! Better than a denial though
  8. by   happiness123
    How many does Linfield put on their waitlist?
  9. by   pnlu007
    Definately better smallfry2, just be patient though because we do not have to submit our letter of intent until May 1st. So it could be a while..
  10. by   shauna.r
    pnlu- Thanks! I'm waiting to hear from OHSU ABSN first. How about you?
  11. by   pnlu007
    Hey Shauna-i am also waiting to hear from OHSU. I know they are pretty competitive from what I've read in prior year threads...I am happy with Linfield, I was accepted into a California-Samuel Merrit University- that is $63K without a beautiful transfer I'm pretty much set to start this summer at Linfield. I think we should be hearing in 2 weeks OHSU tho.
  12. by   RunnerGirl09
    I got my acceptance letter yesterday as well. WooHoo!!! I am waiting on OHSU, like many of you, so we will have to see what April brings.
  13. by   bmichellejoyner
    got my acceptance letter over the weekend!! i was also accepted at UP's traditional BSN, but i'm waiting to hear whether or not i got accepted as a providence scholar (otherwise, i definitely can't rationalize their astronomical tuition). that'll be the deciding factor for me -- which school ends up being more affordable. decisions, decisions.

    congrats, everyone! looking forward to maybe meeting some of you soon!