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Hey fellow future nurses! Is anyone applying for Linfield BSN this go around? I just submitted my insight resume- PHEW! Who knew talking about yourself could be so tough? ;) Good luck to any and all...keeping my fingers... Read More

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    Hey guys!! Just checking in

    Thanks for the uplifting words, gkash! I'm terribly nervous. I keep thinking any day now we could get early letters... Probably not, but the 1st seems so far away :P

    Hope you have a restful weekend! I'm prepping for my last term of pre-reqs. Man, summer went much too quickly.
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    So, did you check your mail today? I did, even though they said they were sending them out just today it probably won't come for a few days though cause I live out in the middle of nowhere!
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    I did... Heh :P

    I read on Facebook that they were sent to the mail room (or someplace) at Good Sam for processing today, and that we should expect them Wednesday. I'm still hoping they come tomorrow! Hopefully you don't have to wait too much longer, gkash! Just prep for a super celebratory weekend to get you through the week quickly
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    I shall buy a case of wine I think I will pass out when I actually open my mailbox and it's there.

    Just read on FB that someone just received their letter in the mail today! You might be getting yours today cause you live in Portland!
    I am visualizing an acceptance letter for you today
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    I still can't believe we are the only ones on here?!
    Oh well, guess I'll go write my politics paper:***:
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    When does the spring program start? is it in Feb? I too have been stalking my mailbox!
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    Yay!! Another person yes it starts feb. a few people already got their letters. I just checked my mailbox and nothin... Guess I've been waiting this long, what's one (or 2more days,lol
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    I didn't get a letter today...?! I keep seeing all the posts on Facebook too and I'm freaking out!! One of my Portland friends also applied and didn't get her letter either :/
    Tomorrow will be the day!
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    Hang in there ladies.....I am sure you will get GREAT news tomorrow
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