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Hey fellow future nurses! Is anyone applying for Linfield BSN this go around? I just submitted my insight resume- PHEW! Who knew talking about yourself could be so tough? ;) Good luck to any and all...keeping my fingers... Read More

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    Oh I like your positive attitude I agree with your thoughts about Linfield. That's why it truly is my top choice. I also agree with the "surrounding yourself with other dedicated students". My original plan was to move my whole family up but my husbands' job fell through out there. We have decided I would live there on campus and I would go home on the weekends. It was a very hard choice because I've never been away from my children (not even ever put them in daycare) but what my husband and I talked about is that I prob wouldn't see much of them anyway, and like you said, I can completely focus on school during the week. I feel really good about now, and my mother-in-law said she'd come and stay while I was gone so they can get their daily dose of maternal energy. Are you thinking of living on campus too?

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    Hello, I also applied to Linfield for the Spring 13' entry, so maybe it's just the three of us? Haha! If only it worked that way. October seems so far away doesn't it?

    Best of luck to both of you!! I'm sure you'll both get in!
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    Aw, gkash that's so sweet! I'm sure time will fly by. Plus they will all be proud of you for sacrificing so much, I'm sure!
    I'm considering living on campus. The cost doesn't seem too steep compared to what I'm paying currently, plus I'd never be late to class!

    Hi 2lively! Good luck to you, as well. Is this your first time applying?
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    Yes, first time applying. It's a long shot for me, but I wanted to go through the process.
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    Yay, 3 now! Good luck to you too
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    Anyone starting to feel sort of surreal knowing in that ~one month's time we will know what our future holds?? Ahhh!!
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    Well Sartorius1, I just saw some concerning news that was posted on the FB page. It says there are only 35 seats available and 225 people applied... I guess appox 35 students are transferring from the main campus this spring. I wish they could tell us sooner. My hopes are not too high at this point
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    I saw the FB post too. My heart sank when I read it
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    I saw that too and commented.. I'm kind of annoyed because I am fairly certain the admissions lady (names cant be posted!) told me that since they had never done this cycle before that they weren't allowing transfers....

    I know they allow transfers for the winter cycle, but this one was a shock.

    225 apps doesn't seem like a lot to me, only because in the winter it's 500+.

    Good luck ladies! I wasn't expecting to get in this time anyhow, so now I guess I definitely don't have a reason to wonder anymore
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    Hi Sartorius1,
    I just saw this post! Sorry about that. Please don't get too discouraged. Like you said, 225 apps isn't nearly as many as in the winter and they only let in like 15 people from out side of Linfield. The chances are much higher this go around. It is now only less than 2 weeks away! GOODLUCK!!!!!

    OH and you too 2Lively!!

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