Legacy Versant RN Residency - who's applying for this round?

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    This is my third time applying, so here's hoping the third time is the charm. I graduated last June and will be finishing up my BSN at OHSU in June (with a 4.0!) and will have 9 months of home health experience with medically fragile children, so I'm hoping to have some chance this time around. If not, it's great interview experience, right?
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    I am right there with you- also my third round of the residency. I figure, if nothing else, it is an opportunity to network (no matter how small). Too bad they are changing to an all electronic application this year!
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    I'm apply for this round. It's my first try, but it seems like my chances are slim. Good luck.
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    This is my first time applying! I got an email yesterday with instruction to do the reference surveys. They said after this it will be a pee-screening interview. I'm licensed in CA, should I go ahead endorse my license for Oregon?
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    Anyone got in and is in the RN residency program at Legacy in Oregon, please, share with me the interview experience with them. What questions did they ask during the pree-screening interview and final interview. I appreciate it! Thx!!!
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    This is my second time applying. I had a pre-screen interview and thought it went great, but didn't get selected to move on. Probably because I didn't have my RN license yet and had not graduated at the time of the interview. Anyow, I too, am from Cali. I started my Oregon Endorsement on March 15th, and I'm still waiting for my background check to finish. Oregon does not do livescan, so you have to go to a facility that rolls your fingers on a card. The first card failed because of the quality of the prints. It has been a long process, and you might not complete yours in time. Good luck to you and the rest of us.
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    Does anyone know when we'll start hearing from them? I keep checking my status online but nothings changed. And I have 4 references completed already.
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    I just got the email to select interview times for June 22nd. I have gone through the interview process twice now with Legacy Versant, and each set of managers asked different questions, so I think it depends on the department you interview with. The interview time is really short - just 20 minutes - so you really want to make sure to come across well. I would scope out the location and parking ahead of time, too.

    None of my ADN nursing school cohort were picked for 2nd interviews the first time we all applied or the second. I think Legacy is being very, very picky and have heard they select mainly BSN level residents with experience. I'm hoping that gives me an actual chance this time around.
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    tejon: was the prescreening interview done one-on-one or was it a panel? i also received the email to come in on june 22nd and this is my first time applying to legacy.
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    First time applying, sitting for NCLEX on June 5th!
    I too am curious about the set up for the first interview. Mainly, is it a group or one-on-one interview?

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