Legacy Versant RN Residency - who's applying for this round? - page 7

This is my third time applying, so here's hoping the third time is the charm. I graduated last June and will be finishing up my BSN at OHSU in June (with a 4.0!) and will have 9 months of home health experience with medically... Read More

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    Thanks Av03. Are you in process for both Scripps and Versant Legacy as well?

    I applied for my license in CA about a month ago, and for OR last week (but only just sent in the fingerprint card yesterday; I thought it looked like crap, but the computer at the Sheriff's office gave it the OK.) I'm hoping to be accepted to one of the programs. If not, I've wasted 400 bucks.

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    Hey Av03. I got your message but do not yet have privileges on here to respond (until I post 15 quality posting, they tell me.) my direct email is sfjocko at g mail. Can you send me a message there and we can communicate, if you don't mind? I've got a few questions -- again, if you're willing.
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    Anyone on here going to the interview on thursday? If so, see ya'll there!
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    I am! I'm nervous! Are all positions interviewing tomorrow? I'm coming from Salem and ALWAYS get lost in Portland so I'm giving myself plenty of time. Good luck!
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    Hey Orca,

    Am I missing something? It says you replied on the 5th and today is the fourth. You're not interviewing tomorrow, the 5th are ya? Man I'm tripping. Anyhow. Goodluck to you. Which area will you be interviewing with? I have an interview for the tele.
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    Ha! I was not paying attention yesterday! No, I interview tomorrow the 6th. I am interviewing for NICU.
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    Good luck Orca. Maybe I'll run into you tomorrow.
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    Woke up at 4AM this morning to catch a flight out of San Diego to Portland fort interview at 1:40. Hope ill be awake and alert for this interview. Best wishes to everyone interviewing today.
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    Think the interview went well today. Interviewed with the tele manager at Emanuel. Told her I was a former server and she said she's hired a few servers. Unfortunately, I also noticed her eyes gazing off a few times. She was at table 16.
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    I think it was incredibly busy for them! So many people in such a small amount of time. I too thought mine went well, but I am not getting my hopes too high at this point. I was at table 3 and my lady was incredibly nice. Having to fly all the way up here seems like a lot of work! Best of luck, hope we hear something soon!

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