IUON Graduates?

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    I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about (IUON) the international university of nursing in St. Kitts? It sounds interesting but expensive. I have not heard of any clinical's in Oregon or California, does anyone know if they are a reasonable school to go to. Or any schools in Oregon without a huge wait list?

    Thanks :)

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    Find another school, do not go to IUON!
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    Why not go to IUON?
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    I agree, dont go to IUON. The majority of students don't pass once they transfer to the US school, or they just dont have enough US schools to put students in and always problems with the loans(since its so expensive to go to.) I know it can be hard getting into a US school and thats why I chose this route but look into out of state schools before considering IUON. Just trust me.
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    I Agree I Am Presently A Student @ Iuon And Do Not Encourage Anyone To Come Here. A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF Students Have Left Here Just This Pass Month. I Am Currently Applying To Nursing Schools In The USA. This Was A Big Mistake For Me.
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    Can I ask why you have alot of people leaving there? What is it that makes it so bad there??
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    There is no USA partner school for BSN students. Several studetns left for this reason. They didn't opt for the ADN because some found it too expensive. Others left for reasons i wouldn't mention on a public forum.
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    i just graduated from IUON/Seminole State College (IUON's sister school in oklahoma)..if you have questions..i'd b more than happy to answer'm!!
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    Most of the Community colleges in the Portland area have the "limited entry" programs. All but PCC are on the point system. Based on grades, previous experience, etc you could theoretically get in on your first try. PCC has the lottery system right now but will be changing to a points-based system in 2010. I have mainly been looking at the CCs, but the universities are all merit based. Some schools do interviews and others do not. The best bet is to apply to as many schools as you can!

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