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I was on the Oregon Board of Nursing page today and I saw that ITT Tech in Portland has been granted "initial approval" for an Associates in Nursing program!!! I called ITT to get more information, because it is not listed on... Read More

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    JAGS, are you a current student at Portland?

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    Quote from pjcna27
    can u please let me know how you like itt tech because I still have question thank you
    pjcna27, feel free to PM me, I'm a current student at ITT Portland in my 3rd term.
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    do you like it steener77 tell me the truth I know nursing school is hard but I want to fell like i'm learning something if Im going to spead that much money
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    I like it, a lot. I feel like I am learning, and I love the fact that I only go to school a few days a week. I have children, and it's easy to deal with daycare and such when I only go to school 2-3 days a week. Anywhere you go, you will have issues. You will have a teacher you don't like, or an assignment you don't agree with, or a clinical site you aren't comfortable with. No program is perfect. I moved from Hawaii to go to this program, leaving my husband and 2 daughters behind. It was a big adjustment, but with the competitiveness in Hawaii, along with the amount of pre-req's I still had to complete, moving here temporarily made a lot of sense. This program is not for everyone, but for me, it's just right.
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    That is so cool, I know its hard but it well be worth it. The ITT i mit go to is in florida they just started thier nursing program, so I'm going to start in March of 2012. Kept me posted it please. I mit need your help with some homework lol. I've been a cna for 9 years and I think its time for a change. The class time and days will work out for me m,w,f 8-1
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    Wow, I just read this thread for the first time and was struck by the immaturity of some of the posts. Just some of my thoughts...

    I don't live in Oregon, I live in Indiana (where ITT happens to be based out of) and I can tell you, without a doubt, that ITT does not have a good reputation here. Most of the big hospitals in Indianapolis will not hire their grads.

    The "nursing shortage" is a myth at this point. So many schools have capitalized on people wanting to be nurses that the job market is completely flooded with new grads. There just aren't enough jobs out there for nurses with no professional experience. In a job market like this, do you really want a new, often times unaccredited, tech school with a murky reputation on your resume?! I for one wouldn't risk it.

    I don't think that any of the posters in this thread have attempted to "attack" ITT students, or bash them, or whatever. It's called critical thinking. It's so typical of the attitude in this country to want to get things done as quickly as possible, as easily as possible, without weighing the costs and benefits. I don't think that this kind of thinking should apply to nursing school!

    And to those posters who said that traditional and community colleges didn't work for people with families... I had my son and got married when I was 20, I am now 22, and only have 1 year left in my CC ASN program. I didn't have to sit on a wait list, I just had to try had and kick *** in my pre-req classes and make the right grades. I had a lot of late-night study sessions and sleepless nights, but it was worth it. In May 2012 I'll be able to take the NCLEX, apply to my local RN-BSN program, and - hopefully - find a job that's right for me.
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    I guess I wont go to ITT tech for nursing such a downfull for me. I have to face the fact that I'm going to be a cna forever and I have to face that. I don't wont to go to this school because of the some of the comment was made to me about this school.
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    I live in dallas texas and I attend richardson's nursing program and I have yet to have a negative thought about the school.. This is their first program and like with any other nursing school you have to learn it..either you know it or you don't.., Just because its a first doesn't mean they lack anything.., They staff is friendly the teachers know what they are doing and they are very professional and yes you have to have one graduating class to get the nlac certification but didn't they all.., including the most prestigous ones... Just because you attend a prestigous institution doesn't mean that you are any better than anyone else... A nurse is a nurse
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    Quote from Steener77
    pjcna27, feel free to PM me, I'm a current student at ITT Portland in my 3rd term.
    In texas there is no problem.., The school is great..,
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    Hi. Tomorrow is our final final...FINALLY at ITT Tech in Oklahoma City. My group is the 2nd class to graduate. The first graduated in June. One girl from the first class passed her NCLEX about a month ago.

    I won't deny we've had our share of problems, but the OK Board of Nursing just gave us approval for the next three years. We're on our 4th Nursing Chair. The first had major surgery and had to quit. The next two had their own agenda$, but the one now is absolutely wonderful! We love her!

    Yes, we're low on the totem pole with NESA and getting into the hospitals, but we've been to hospitals all over the city and have had some great experiences. The hospitals were quite amenable to us. The Portland school sounds shady because of their "non-disclosure." I don't believe it. They are lying to you.

    We've had our share of teachers and preceptors that weren't a good fit, but that's true in any school. One of the requirements of ITT is that the teachers give you their cell phone number. All of our teachers are available 24/7 and some have been called in the middle of the night for a variety of reasons. I have felt loved and supported by the majority of my teachers.

    Because the class sizes are small and the teachers have to teach more than one class, the teachers know us well. A few of the students are trouble makers, but...every school has its share.

    Having suffered a nervous breakdown halfway due to the pressure and viciousness of the instructors in another well-established program, I'm thankful for ITT. Again, it has had its issues, but every nursing program does. Several of us have been offered jobs at the hospitals we've been at. I don't think getting a job will be a problem.

    Oh yeah, a good friend of mine moved from the Dallas area two years ago to attend this school because there wasn't one in Texas. It's good to hear Richardson is a good campus. I'll tell her. Good luck, Portland, and don't sign anything until you have the answers you need. It's a great deal of money. You need better answers than they're giving you. Also, get every promise in writing. We were promised they would pay for our NCLEX, but it wasn't in writing. Thanks to our wonderful chairwoman, ITT is paying for our NCLEX. She almost got them to pay for Kaplan, too, but they declined as of today. Oh well.

    I haven't heard anything about getting a BS from ITT. I think, but am not sure, that the University of Phoenix accepts our credits. Other than that, our credits don't transfer anywhere that I know of. That sucks, but if I want to pursue more, I'll find a way. Right now I just want to get a job so I can pay back that $40,000!

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