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HELP: Please give me an advise

  1. 0 Hello to everyone here,

    I just passed the nclex-rn recently. I am holding Oregon license and now applying for Washington license mainly because I am living here in Vancouver, WA and I really wanted to apply at Southwest Washington Medical center. So while waiting for my second license, I am currently applying to some staffing agencies at Portland (MAXIM) and here in Vancouver (AAA Medical Staffing).

    I am a graduate from the Philippines, I stopped my nursing career way back in April 2006 in the Philippines because me and my son migrated here. So basically, I am jobless for more than 2 years now and my experience is only working in a clinic, no specialty at all.

    I don't know if I am really doing the RIGHT TRACK here?

    *applying to agencies at Portland,
    *getting my CPR training this weekend
    * i want to apply at Kaiser too but I am a SLOW Typer so i guess I might gonna fail their typing test
    *and as soon as my WA license I am going to apply at Southwest Washington Hospital.

    Honestly, I am so anxious right now and my husband told me that I should only apply in one employer. Should I just wait for my WA license and stop my other applications? But what if I SWWMC won't accept me?

    Please tell give me you advise or insight. Please guide me.lsebeg:
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    hello! I'm just wondering how you are doin' now? your post is almost a year and we're about of the same predicament. Hope you still check this post.