Heads up - internship in April

  1. Hi everyone -

    I do believe there is a critical care internship for ICU starting in April at OHSU. Keep your eyes peeled if you are interested. I just wanted to toss this out there. The ICUs they have: neurosciences, trauma, medical, and cardiac surgical...I might be missing one. They will accept new grads with an ICU senior practicum OR a new grad without one, but who possesses medical field experience (CNA, MA, EMT, etc.). Also will be accepting experienced RNs looking to change their specialty.

    The job market is rough out there and I know this from hearsay as well as my own experience of applying for jobs for 3 months and only getting one phone call back. Luckily it worked out in the end for me, but I definitely am feeling very sympathetic for all of you out there going through the same.

    Good luck to all you looking for a new position It is a new year so it will happen!!
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  3. by   KiyomiRN
    What's it like to work for OHSU? I'm moving to Portland and interested in cross-training to Critical Care. Any advice?
  4. by   dadah_vxr
    can i join the intership? i'm not yet licensed here in Oregon as an RN...would OHSU accept me?
  5. by   lilmomaluvinlife
    Hey lilwbprincess... How is the internship going? You had responded to my post about not finding a position here in portland a few months ago. I applied today for the oshu neurosciences internship? Are there lots of new grads in the internship? Is it like a classroom setting or just hospital? How long are you doing the internship for? So many questions... Unfortunately i cant PM yet due to lack of posts but I would looove some info

  6. by   lilwbprincess
    dadah_vxr -- i don't believe they will hold a spot for someone who is not licensed yet. i think that's how it is for all the health systems around here.

    KiyomiRN -- well i've been in the internship since Jan and my experience on the unit has been positive. they're supportive and are used to teaching (it is a teaching hospital) so they are used to teaching new grads as well as RNs new to ICU (which would be in my case). with the internship comes classes that are a part of the critical care consortium - many of the area hospitals are a part of this and are trying to form a bridge in learning about critical care. it's a great program. as far as cross-training into critical care, it's been a good internship so far and you would get a lot of support and learning opportunities. i worked step-down and at a clinic before doing this so it's all new to me too!

    lilmomaluvinlife -- hi! i don't think i can private message either, not really sure how this site works to be honest. anyway, it's been good and i'm glad you applied! i am on the neurosciences unit. it's a lot of work and is a combo of classroom/consortium/clincal time. in the internship itself (for all the icus) i think theres a total of 10 of us, with a good mix of experienced RNs new to icu and new grad RNs. i remember responding to your post, but can't remember if you are a new grad?? either way, it is tailored to transition you into icu. it's good; a lot of work and stressful days (as with anything) but all us interns support each other. feel free to ask me more Q! i don't get on here often enough, but i will keep an eye out.