Guidance and insight moving from AZ to OR with young family

  1. Myself and husband are in our 30's with 3 young kids. We have lived in AZ our whole life, and had fair share of traveling with our fondest memories being in OR so far. We have had ideations of our kids growing up in OR. The seasons, culture diversity, opportunities, schools, etc. I just applied for my RN endorsement for OR.. at this point I just need to focus on a city and am at a total loss. Priority is schooling for elementary and a hospital for me to apply (10 year ICU RN). Any suggestions, or input greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   klone
    I would look at Eugene or Bend.
  4. by   boywithacoin
    Agreed with Klone. The COL in the Portland metro area will probably be a big jump from what you're used to in AZ. Eugene is nice, a fairly easy drive to the coast or to Portland, and can feel either city or country depending on where you're at/where you go. Still relatively affordable place to live to boot.
    I haven't been to Bend since I was a kid, so can't comment on it.