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Experienced RN relocate to Portland??

  1. 0 Hi there.

    I am planning on moving to Portland next month. I just applied for full time positions this week, as I was hoping to initiate the transition via travel assignment. However, travel no longer an option d/t prolonged time in licensure endorsement. I had initially thought it would be no problem getting an RN job, but now am getting a little nervous after reading some of the threads here.

    My disadvantages: relocating from out of state---do Portland hospitals prefer locals? No BSN yet, but am in an RN-BSN program---will this really hurt me? Travel nurse for last 3.5 yrs---may look "flighty" "unreliable", however, most hospitals I did stay 9 mos.

    My advantages: 6 yrs critical care-- CV surg, trauma level 1, neurosurg, all transplants, heart device, IABP, CRRT, etc. Super great reference letters.

    Looking for advice from full time staff in Portland hospitals....should I reconsider moving until a job completely secure, or it it reasonable to assume I could find employment within a month or two of living there. My savings is pretty beefed up and I wouldn't mind a 1-2 month vacation. Thanks for input!!!
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    I'm not a full-time staffer at a Portland Hospital, but I'm anxious to hear what people say. I only have 1.5 years experience, but I have had no luck getting a job to relocate to Portland. I'm even semi-local as I lived in Portland before nursing school and sadly my husband still lives there.

    I think with your experience you will have better luck finding something. And with savings, I'm sure one to two months of networking in Portland would be enough to land a hospital job.

    Good luck to you.

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