Eugene/Springfield/Corvallis Internship, Sign-On Bonus, Loan Forgiveness

  1. I am set to graduate May 2009 from an accelerated BSN program, and am moving back home (Eugene) and am hoping to find work at Riverbend, Peace Health. The postings that I saw on the website most have 1-year minimum experience, including the ICU interniship within Peace Health.

    Has anyone completed the Corvallis SHS Critical Care Internship and have opinions on it? Competitiveness? Working at Good Sam?

    Has anyone applied for the Nursing Education Loan Repayment (NELR), been accpeted and have a list of hospitals in the Oregon area that qualify?

    Anyone qualified for other forms of loan forgiveness programs in Eugene/Springfield/Corvallis?

    Anyone recieved sign-on bonuses in these areas as a new grad? If so what was the contract terms?

    Many thanks in advance, if anyone has questions about relocating to Miami I would be more than happy to help!
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  3. by   COLPN
    Quote from followmefearie;3370760pe
    Has anyone applied for the Nursing Education Loan Repayment (NELR), been accpeted and have a list of hospitals in the Oregon area that qualify?

    I would be curious to hear the responses to your post as well. I will be graduating in May and will be relocating to Oregon, as well. Still deciding exactly where. As for the NELR, are you talking about the federal program NELRP?? If so you can only do your service in compact states and Oregon isn't a compact state. Wish it was, it would make the whole process much easier. Here's a link to the list of compact states. Hope this helps.
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    I think I need to call them and get more information. When I looked at the "FY 2008 Awards by state" on that same main page Oregon was on the list of receiving funds so I assumed it would work. I hate reading through all the fine print! Thanks though. Hopefully they respond soon!
  5. by   ChristyBug
    Hey, I am not an RN, but I am a CNA and I used to work at Good Samaritan in Corvallis. It is a beautiful hospital, very competent staff, especially in the ICU and PCU (telemetry) where I worked. I knew a new grad that did the Critical Care Internship and she loved it. She was very successful, even as a new grad and a wife and new mother. There were a few others that I knew and they did well, but as far as details I don't have them since I"m not in that program. But I will say I absolutely loved Good Sam and Corvallis is a beautiful area! I wish I was still there!
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    The Critical Care Internship program in Corvallis at Good Samaritan Hospital is awesome. It's very supportive and lasts like 5 months long. The hospital has posted the openings for applicants for the summer session. The link is here:

    I don't know about any sign on bonuses and I don't think they do any loan forgiveness at the facility itself. But it is an awesome foundation for the rest of your career and the ICU will be expanding once the construction is done on a new patient tower this summer. I moved here from the east coast and can't say enough about how awesome Good Sam is as an employer. And the Doctors are very collaborative. Great place.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    Samaritan Health Services is a very good organization to work for. I always received good wages and great benefits when I was with them, and there is room to move up if you're ambitious. I left them in late 2005 only because I couldn't do hospital work anymore.

    I do know that they've had something of a hiring freeze on lately; they've been filling positions internally for months now. I'm also relatively certain that there are no hire-on or retention bonuses, and loan forgiveness happens only if you're working in an underserved area such as east Linn County (e.g. Lebanon, Sweet Home etc.). But they still accept a number of new grads each year, and if you can get in on the ground floor with them, it can be quite lucrative in the long term.

    Best of luck to you!