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  1. [FONT="Fixedsys"]Hi all! I was wondering about the points and/or GPA you had when applying to their nursing program. I'm going to apply for Fall 2012 and was wondering just how high I should get my GPA to. I'm thinking after I finish this terms course load it will be approximately 3.85. I could retake the classes I got B's in if necessary. Justtrying to feel out how cutthroat they are. :-) Thanks in advance for the info!
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  3. by   kamaboko
    The competition is so tight that having more than one B could be the deciding factor. I posted in another thread that the average PCC student accepted in 2010 had 60 points, a prior four-year degree, and a 3.9GPA. As one advisor at CCC told me, "don't start down this path unless you're willing to get all A's".
  4. by   KellT1203
    I graduated from Clatsops nursing program. The first year I applied I was wait listed, the second year I was accepted. They are a very small school, now only accepting about 20 students. That is with both Tillamook and Astoria cohorts. Sounds like you have a great GPA. Get some volunteer experience or CNA experience. I do believe they give points for that. I recommend applying. Good luck.
  5. by   rose-n-arrows
    I just graduated from the CCC nursing program and it is an amazing program. As of today, all but two members of my cohort have taken the NCLEx and each one passed on the first attempt. It's too late to apply for this year, obviously, but never listen to naysayers or people telling you you have to walk on water to get into a particular program. As of this year, it is my understanding that CNA experience doesn't grant you additional points. Good luck.
  6. by   midnitemike
    rose-n-arrows is right! don't listen to naysayers, etc..
    i am a friend of rose-n-arrows and a second year student as of today and i got in with about a 3.416 gpa or something close to that. had a couple of b's, and one c from a p.i.t.a. chemistry teacher! it is a great program-i would say it is one of the best adn programs in the country. great teachers and one of the best views of any campus in the country. go for it.