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Hi! I thought I'd start a new thread to see if there are any 2009 Chemeketa applicants on here. I was an alternate last year and am hoping to be accepted in this year's program. Just thought we... Read More

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    Jenniedennise, thanks for all of the information. Only two months to go!!!!

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    Congrats to all of you having been accepted for fall term. I totally understand what your feeling, anxiety level, nervousness, frustrated about the unknown, etc. I've survived and you will too. I'm getting ready to start my 2nd year at CCC so if anyone has any questions regarding the program, books, supplies, etc...I'd be happy to provide any information I can to help you.

    Lori Albright, LPN
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    Hi, Lori!
    Welcome to all the newbies to the nursing program. I'm a 2nd year also. I'm happy to help with any info that I can as well. I have the original 106 calendar and syllabus that they gave us on the computer still (I keep everything that I can). If anyone wants to see what it looked liked last year I would be happy to send it. I don't think that it could have changed too much. PM me your email if you want it. Have a great rest of summer!

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    Hi, Lori and Joshua! Right now, I'm #2 on the CURRENT alternate list (I've moved up a lot!) and I've been invited to prepare for Fall term, attend Orientation, and sit in on the 1st week of classes. Now, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for at least 2 more people to change their mind, have life interfere with their plans (in a good and gentle fashion) or decide the program is harder than they thought it would be. I MUST get my RN license, my family is counting on me, and I could wait until 2010 if I have to, but the waiting and sacrifices are awfully hard on my loved ones. So, here is my question: when you two started LAST year, did you have some people drop out during the first week of class?

    Thanks for your help,
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    Actually we did have one person drop for personal reasons so keep your fingers crossed. The orientation is very intimidating and shows just how involved the program is which might not work for someone....good luck.
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    I have a few questions that I would love to have answered...

    Do we really use all of the books on the book list?

    Did you take the two elective courses offered (Strategies for Success and Skill Applications)? If so did you find them helpful?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I would like to say "ditto".... lol! I would be interested in knowing the same. we get to work with the second year students?
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    Sorry for the delayed response....

    As far as the books, ya you need to get all of them but the good thing is they are good for both years.
    The NUR 106A class is your skills applications class which is required but the 199 Strategies for Success class is optional. I did take both but if time and money is an issue, you could get away without taking the Strategies class.

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