Calling all nursing students who are attending or have attended Linfield College

  1. Hello all,
    I am going to be attending Linfield in the spring 2013 cohort. I just got my schedule and wanted to check out the teachers on, so I would be more prepared of their teaching style. Unfortunately, very few people have commented and there are even a few instructors nobody has commented on. If anyone who has attended Linfield has time to comment on there, that would be super helpful. I know it got me through my community college, and I always tried to give feedback as well.
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   happiness123
    Who do you have and for what classes?
  4. by   gkash
    I have 335 Integrated exp learning1 (clinical) ----------, 320 scholarship of nursing -----------, 315 Professional Communication ------------, 305 Foundations nursing practice ------------.
    So did you/do you go to Linfield, Happiness?
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  5. by   happiness123
    I have never had those professors, sorry I couldn't help!
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    Sorry, per the Terms of Service, under Information About Others:

    Please do not give out personal identifying information about yourself or others. Do not name names where anyone could identify any person in any facility including your nursing programs or place of employment.

    Thank you!

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  7. by   gkash
    Sorry Dianah!!! Didn't think that one through
  8. by   dianah
    No worries!
  9. by   pnlu007
    i am in the summer 2012 cohort and just finished my second semester of the accelerated program...honestly theres gonna be good teachers and poor teachers, like any other school. truth is if you consider yourself to be a strong student, linfield will be pretty easy. youll have to study of course, but there is nothing tricky about the classes. just don't get caught up in the complaining and youll do fine. if you did well in microbiology and anatomy and physiology, the level of difficulty of the nursing courses are not greater. youll will have to write a ton tho, but if you take time to think about what you write, the grading is pretty soft.