Applicants to Portland area schools 2013

  1. Hello everyone! I was an avid reader of last years articles on applying to schools here, and it really helped me get an idea of how many points I would need. I thought I'd return the favor. So far I've only applied at PCC with 54.5 points (I think). For some reason, I'm not getting any discretionary points at Chemeketa and very few at Mt. Hood, so I might just forgo them this year. Is it just me or are schools going to a model where you can only really have a chance if you take the prereqs there? Anyways, good luck everyone!!!!
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  3. by   Imichael
    Hey Apple74,

    Nice to see that I'm not the only one who checks this website anymore! You are right. It's nice to compare yourself with everyone else. Gives you an idea of where you stand.

    So im tying up all of my loose ends, and i will be mailing in my packets some time next week. Im applying to MHCC, CCC, Linfield, and OHSU Portland. It seems like the requirements/points changed a ton for all of the schools this application cycle. I did all of my classes at CCC so i think my points stand best at that school.

    4.0 gpa
    Associates degree
    all pre-reqs complete
    received my CNA at CCC
    work in direct patient care
    military veteran

    So for CCC I'm sitting at 58 out of 66 points.
    MHCC i have like 55 out of 64 points.

    It seems like OCNE's goal of conforming the points system for all the schools has changed a little bit. Mt hood requires strictly 3 credits of "humanities," where CCC allows those credits to be from either humanities, social science, or natural science. It's little things like that which made it difficult for me to be absolutely 100% prepared for all schools. So i missed a few points here and there. I feel your pain.

    Any OHSU Portland hopefuls out there?
  4. by   osuchris
    Good luck to all of you with your apps!! I was in the exact same boat last year. I got in to both PCC and OHSU and am currently in the OHSU Traditional BSN program. If you have any questions about the application process or what to expect (sorry can't answer any essay related questions) along the way - let me know. Again good luck and remember to breathe.
  5. by   ready4nursing
    Hi there!

    I applied to PCC and CCC and plan to do my proctored essay for OHSU next week. I took all my pre req's at CCC and currently work as a CMA at OHSU. I have 52/60 at PCC and 57/66 at CCC. I am pretty excited! - keeping fingers crossed -

    Good luck to everyone!
  6. by   curlypearly
    Hi Everyone! I'm so glad someone finally started a page for 2013 applicants! I am almost done applying to PCC and OHSU Ashland. Unfortunately I ended up getting a B in anatomy which might have ruined me.... I think I have 49 out of 60 points for PCC. Still staying hopeful for now and excited for whatever happens. Good luck!
  7. by   Christy24
    A big hello to everyone out there!! I'm really excited to be applying for the Nursing program as well. This is my first year- just finishing up with apps for CCC, PCC, and MHCC. My points are on the lower end this round, but it just might be enough to get an interview at least. Fingers crossed for us all!
  8. by   mamakac
    I am applying to the ABSN and 3 yr traditional programs at OHSU, and also the OCNE programs at PCC, CCC, and Mt. Hood. I am still considering applying to a program at Johns Hopkins, depending on what I hear back from the ABSN program at OHSU and if I am invited the PCC's proctored essay.

    I have a 4.0 in pre-reqs and a 3.9 in my undergrad BA in Human Sciences. I have also taken a lot of other health related courses through PCC and Marylhurst. I have 120 internship hours through Northwest Primary Care Clinic in the Care Coordination office here in Portland. No other work or volunteer experience beyond that.

    Hoping that we all get invited to set for our essays and accepted to programs this year!

  9. by   mamakac
    Hey Chris-

    What made you choose OHSU 3 year over PCC? Is the prices gap between the two programs as steep as people think it is?

    How are your clinicals going?

  10. by   osuchris
    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for your questions. I chose OHSU over PCC for a few reasons, the national reputation of the program was important. I felt that the clinical sites might be a bit more stable with OHSU and offer a better overall experience. And lastly I knew I had to get my BSN rather than just the associates - primarily because of the job market in the PDX area. I know with PCC you can continue on an additional year and get you BSN through OHSU - but all the people transferring to OHSU to complete their BSN after an associates are now being placed in online sections rather than in class sections. For me this was huge - and it really takes away from the classroom experience that is so important for a nursing education. When you get into OHSU you become part of a 24ish person cohort who will be together for the entire three years of the program. We have all become quite close and it is a really incredible group. I think if you had to do that in an online environment - that would be missing. The price gap is significant and it is really my biggest stressor. I have to work (nearly full time hours) and along with my wife's income we survive - by not much though. As far as clinicals, they are going quite well. The first term you are almost exclusively in OHSU's lab environment learning the head-to-toe assessment, with a couple outings to a local school for a health fair and a retirement community to do an interview with people about their aging. This term is all about chronic illnesses and we are primarily in long term care settings as well as the lab to learn applicable skills. Lastly - the faculty at OHSU are incredible. They are passionate about nursing and passionate about making us excellent nurses. I am sure PCC has an excellent program as well as the other CC's but I know I made the right choice for me. Good luck and hang in there these horrible weeks of waiting.

  11. by   mamakac

    A lot of the factors that you mentioned is why I hoping that I get into one of the programs at OHSU. I am glad that your experience is going well, although it is tough when money is such a large factor. How was your financial aid package-- did you get any scholarships or outside assistance?

  12. by   emmyers
    Hi everyone!

    Wanted to send my best wishes to you all, I was in your shoes last year and now I am a student at MHCC.[FONT=arial, sans-serif] If you have any questions about the program/process I'd be happy to help. As for MHCC, I'll say that I love the program and my cohort is my new extended family- everyone is amazing. I hope you all get to experience the love of a nursing cohort in your futures too!

    I want to encourage anyone who is nervous about their points and how they compare to others to NOT worry about it. I was accepted at CCC and MHCC, had a gpa of around 3.8, all pre-reqs finished, and no CNA license. I think my points were around 56-58 at the two schools. The main thing if you're in similar shoes is to really focus on your interview/essay, let your life experiences and passion shine through.

    Chris, it's nice to hear updates on you! I just wanted to add that how you described your experience thus far (clinicals, 1st/2nd term structure, cohort love) is practically identical to how I'd describe MHCC. I can't speak for PCC or CCC, but I can see our programs are identical and that MHCC has successfully implemented the OCNE program. It's nice to see that.

  13. by   purpleSG
    Hey all!

    Just adding in my background to the mix. I applied to Clark in Vancouver with 41 points for the April 1st deadline. Not too high but people last year made it in with the same amount. Stay positive!
  14. by   Christy24

    Congrats on your progress so far! It's great to see updates of those who once stood in the position that we are now. And since the competition of the Nursing program is seemingly on the rise, it's nice to be reassured. In regards to your interview, did you have any prior medical experience to reflect on, or was it mostly general life?