Applicants to Portland area schools 2013 - page 35

Hello everyone! I was an avid reader of last years articles on applying to schools here, and it really helped me get an idea of how many points I would need. I thought I'd return the favor. So far I've only applied at PCC with... Read More

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    Got offered a spot at CCC today but decline as I have already started nursing school at PCC! Happy with my decision!

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    just curious, what wait list number did pcc go up to? anyone?
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    does anyone have an idea of how heavily Linfield weighs cumulative GPA? is it possible to be accepted with under a 3.0 cumulative but excellent prerequisite gpa?
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    Hi, I am hoping to get into a program this fall (PCC or CCC) I am wondering if it matters the color of my stethoscope? Does it need to be black or can I have colored? If anyone knows from these schools, please let me know! Thanks! --Amanda
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    Doesn't matter.
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    As far as I know I was the last to be taken in from the waitlist, which means it only went to 41 (me). Very different from the 100ish they took off the waitlist the year prior.

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