Applicants to Portland area schools 2011 - page 54

How's everyone doing with their Apps? I applied to MHCC, CCC, PCC and Linfield. It's my first year applying and I'm a nervous wreck!!! How long does it usually take to hear whether or not you got an interview? I was... Read More

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    Air, that class didn't show up right away on the front page. Choose "Course Catalog" and you should be able to see the course in there. Select it and you can then begin working through it.

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    Air, that's the one I did and I submitted the certificate of completion to ADA and it was accepted and considered in compliance. My course was called "Bloodborne Pathogen Training for the OHSU Research Laboratory"
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    Oh! Well, thanks for the heads up. I was waiting to receive an email saying that the training was available, and waiting for a training to show up with the title of what they said it would be. I looked through that training, and it seems like it's definitely geared for the lab setting... But I'll do it! Thanks for the info!
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    kmd, I sent you a private message!

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