Anything less than 4.0 GPA won't qualify for nursing? - page 3

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Hi there, I'm in my fourth term of pre-requisites for Nursing at PCC. So far I'm carrying a 4.0 GPA including an A in cell biology. I'm in A&P and I'm having to face the possibility that I may get a "B" in it, although it's... Read More

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    If it helps at all, I was accepted into Linfield with a 3.7 cumulative GPA. I do have a B.A. degree in education, so I have a lot of credits under my belt. (Wish I had been a better student when I started college at 16 :-P)

    Anyway, I actually ended up with a B in 232... the only pre-req that I had a B in. So, B's aren't the end of the world... it still is possible. But, as Monkey said, essays are key.

    Good luck! I agree with Bent that 231 is tough because it's all new and I had NEVER had to put even 1/4 as much time/effort into a class in all of my previous years and it was a huge adjustment. But, that being said, 232 was by far the hardest of the three for me.