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I am waiting to hear from chemeketa and this is my only option now. I don't remember my points, but I will looked it up and post it here. I was not able to go to an essay portion either. Maybe, I am already out, but I still have... Read More

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    Quote from boogalina
    i am alternate #15 <<sigh>> hopefully this will help me get in next year. i had a score of 310. was invited to and completed the essay.

    my letter said 48 accepted, 26 placed on alternate list. no indication of how many applied.

    do you know why you got on alternate? is that b/c you are out of distract as well?

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    I think I was an alternate because of full score (310) and probably a pretty good essay performance. All I can figure (concerning why I wasn't admitted) is that there were alternates (extra 5 points) and better essays ahead of mine. I live in the Chemeketa district, and had an A grade in BI231.
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    Hi, KuKu
    why don't you try to retake some of pre. courses and try to apply PCC, CCC or MHCC.
    I got 310 and I was on #4. I will decline Chemekeda since I got into Clackamas.
    good luck. Don't give up!
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    I know most have already posted their news, but it is with a grateful heart that I say, "I got in!" It is bittersweet though, several of my study buddies did not get in I wish the best for you all and say, "Don't give up!" I am a returning to learning mom after 30 years and its been a challenge for sure, and I can't tell you what this means! Thanks to all my study buddies, you rock!
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    I was in the opposite position two years ago. All of my friends and the people I knew from A&P and Micro got in, but I did not. I am graduating Saturday with my AAOT and they are graduating from the Nursing program. I am so very happy for them, but now I get to go into a program where I basically do not know anyone! If I would have gotten in two years ago I already knew over 3/4 of the class. But everything happens for a reason and I am grateful to have had the last two years to get my son comfortable in his school (second grade next year!) and get myself in a good position. Best to everyone! See you Sep. 15th!

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