Anyone Hear From MT Hood?

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    They should be sending letters out soon.

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    They said they are sending the letters out by the 22nd - today - so I suspect we get them Monday? I can't wait!!!
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    I just got my letter and I start Winter Term! Good luck to everyone!:wink2:
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    I got my letter too, and I start Winter Term too. My friend got in as well and she starts fall quarter! Woo-hoo, I am stoked!! Plus it will make someones day who wanted into PCC as I will call them tomorrow and give them regrets. So, bonus for TWO people.
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    I got my letter Saturday morning and was accepted for Fall Term. I can't believe after all this hard work it's finally real! I am still waiting to hear from Clark though because they are my first choice. Either way I am so happy! Congrats everyone!
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    Tinker bell,
    First off congratulations. I am waiting to hear from clark also. I am curious why it is your first choice, do you live near by? If you hear anything let us know and I'll do the same.
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    Thank you! Clark is my first choice for two reasons. One is financial, they start in January and I got picked for Fall for MHCC. While I want to start as soon as possible for my own sake, since I will be losing my income when I quit to start school, my husband and I would prefer if I started a little bit later to save more money. Second, I don't know if this sounds cheesy or not, but every time I have talked to Clark, they have been so nice and helpful. I have talked to other schools who weren't like that, and when I talked to people at Clark I just felt very welcomed. I guess I am a little old fashioned in that sense, even though I am only 26 I don't know some people may not agree but that's another one of my reasons. I do have a friend that went to Clark and really liked it. I don't know anyone who went to MHCC although I have heard it is a great school. Oh - and location - I live in Beaverton/Tanasbourne so really both schools are a bit of a drive for me, so that's not really a factor!

    Let me know when you hear from Clark as well!
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    Congrats to everyone that will be starting at Mt. Hood! It will be nice to see some new faces around there!
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    Hey to all those students who have already started fall term.. how do you like the program? I have heard terrible things about some programs, I may start in the winter at Mt. Hood and would love to hear how its going, let me know!!
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    May attend? Does this mean that you haven't decided yet?
    I am friends with a girl who started in the fall and she is very happy. Its all she expected and is still excited about the program overall.
    I start Winter and am excited too.

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