Anyone having trouble with min. hours to retain licensure?

  1. I was away from nursing for many years and my license expired. I did a re-entry program and reinstated my license July 2009. I have still not been able to find a job. I cannot work nightshift and do not wish to return to ICU due to my age, yet nightshift ICU seems to be all that's available out there! I was told by an HR person at one of the major hospitals that she was getting 300 applications for every opening they posted, and they weren't even looking at new grads or re-entry nurses like me. I have to log in 960 hours by the time my license comes up for renewal. Is the OSBN making exceptions for nurses in this situation, due to the lack of jobs? I don't want to have to go through another re-entry program just because I couldn't get enough hours.
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    You might want to consider that undesirable night job to keep your license. Have you looked into home health agencies? You could get your hours while working at a less strenuous job. Ask to do shift work instead of intermittent visits. They will hire you since you have experience.
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    I think that certain types of volunteer work can also count toward your hours, and could possibly help your job prospects. Good luck!
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    Practice: Endorsement applicants must practice as a nurse, at the level for which they are seeking a license, for at least 960 hours in the last five years. Graduation within the last five years, from a state approved nursing program, in preparation for the level of license sought, satisfies this requirement. Completion of an OSBN-approved re-entry program within the last two years, in preparation for the level of license sought, satisfies this requirement. Continuing education cannot be used to meet the practice requirement.
    Oregon State Board of Nursing RN/LPN Licensure Information
    When is your license up for renewal and when did you complete the reentry program?
    The hour requirement amounts to 4 hours per week over 5 years, your problem lies in the fact that you let your license lapse so you're working with a shorter time frame.

    I've not heard that the OSBoN is making any kind of exception because the 960 hours over 5 years just isn't that hard to meet. There are jobs to be had out there, they may just not be the job or shift you want to work. Over the weekend the Oregonian online had 14 nursing home jobs listed.

    I've looked alover the site and even logged into my last renewal to see if I could find anything that defines the acceptable sources for hours and they don't.
    I do think any volunteer position would have to clearly define how the position constitutes the practice of nursing, what role and tasks the nurse volunteer performs and why the position requires a nurse and not a trained lay person.

    You'll need to contact the OSBoN to ask them about what to do and what counts. They are actually pretty nice to deal with and unlike most State agencies a real live person answeres the phone and can usually give you the info you're looking for.