Anyone else been accepted to University of Portland?

  1. This is my first post ever, although I've been an avid reader for over a year.

    I just found out today that I've been accepted to the University of Portland for the January 2014 cohort!! I almost can't believe it. I've been such a nervous wreck just waiting to find out.

    I'm curious if anyone else on here has been accepted for the same cohort. Let me know!

    And good luck to those of you who are anxiously waiting to hear back from other schools. Hang in there!
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  3. by   ericseitz
    I was also accepted yesterday and am very excited. Im from Washington and am hoping to get into a couple of the Seattle schools as well because at UP I would still need to take a few classes beforehand, like the core classes and rhe theology courses. I just hope I would be able to complete them by January! I have some family in east Portland,so it would be righteous to live down there for a couple years.
  4. by   AngelaWandVedack
    Hi, I am Angie. This is my first post as well. In fact I registered as soon as I saw your post. I got accepted into University of Portland as well. My study partner Kari will be joining us too. We have done all of our prerequisites at Chemeketa and when we found out last week, we were ecstatic! UP was my first choice. On saturday, as I left one of my classes, I got an email that said that I was selected for an interview for the Providence Scholars Scholarship. WooHoo! Is sure would take away so much stress if I could get a good scholarship/grant instead of all loans since I have a husband and three children and it is hard enough for my husband to pay all the living expenses while I am in school. I look forward to meeting you in January! Only 10 months to go. :-)

  5. by   ericseitz
    Its going to be crazy for me to get wall those core classes done if I go to UP. I dobt don't if I can do it by January since I'll be interning in Ecuador all summer. I hope I will see you as well off I can hack it.
  6. by   beth-a-knee
    Hi ericseitz and Angie! Nice to "meet" both of you!

    I can relate to having to take all the extra classes; kind of a pain but it WILL be worth it! Good luck to both of you finishing up this chapter in life of doing prerequisites. I can't wait for it to begin!!
    And Angie, congrats on your interview! I didn't even look into that by the deadline so I didn't know it was an option. But that would be AWESOME for you! I'll keep my little fingers crossed for you!

  7. by   rjcarmody0201
    I was accepted into UofP for Spring 2014 cohort! I am a student from WOU, and applied to OHSU, PCC, and UofP...and UofP was my top choice. Currently working as CNA in a hospital and have worked with many UP grads who loved the program! Can't wait to see you all there!! Just need to finish up some philosophy classes. What was your average GPA? I was suprised because with OHSU my GPA was 3.96, but since UofP looks at cumulative I was a bit worried applying with a 3.8...but something worked!!

    See ya!
  8. by   ericseitz
    I was also accepted and don't have the greatest grades. Probably means that UP doesn't just accept people based on gpa, which is a good thing in my opinion. Im of the variety that thinks that just because someone has someone perfect gpa, doesn't mean they are going to be a good nurse.
  9. by   beth-a-knee
    Hi rjcarmody0201!
    I'm glad to see another person responding!

    My GPA was a 4.0 (thanks to a horrible professor this term, it is slightly lower now), but I have no healthcare experience so I was surprised I got accepted! What a giant sigh of relief. However, I really want to get a little experience before school starts; do you like being a CNA? I'm thinking I'd like to take a class and get certified, but would love to hear what your experience has been like.

    Have a great day everyone!
  10. by   orterpfan
    Hope to be a UP SON student in the Spring 2014 class. #12 on the wait list. Anyone else on the wait list?
  11. by   CaitlinKelly
    Hi orterpfan!

    I'm also on the waitlist, #9, and the anticipation is killing me! I am curious if anyone has declined their acceptance or chosen a different nursing program yet? Anybody know?? I asked how many students were taken from the waitlist last year and they told me 8 but that it varies from year to year.. only a few more than that and we'd be in.. Thinking positive and praying we get it!

    I hope to meet you all in January!!
  12. by   ericseitz
    I just got accepted to UW, so I will be stepping down from my UP spot.
  13. by   orterpfan

    Mid-May seems like a long time away and hope we hear about more who decided to go to a different school. You have probably seen the same posts from previous years that gives us some clue and hope. In 2011 there was a post from waitlist #21 who declined UP. So at least they went that far. In 2012 the thinking was they would get to 15 or 20 on the wait list, but it sounds like it was only eight. The Oregon Board of Nursing did a study a couple of years ago and found that around 35% of the Oregon nursing school applicants applied to three or more schools. Hopefully that is true today as well. So it certainly sounds like the chances are pretty good for you and a 50/50 for me. I'll keep the fingers crossed.
  14. by   adodeja
    Hey all!

    I was #15 on the waitlist and I just got accepted! I'm soooooo happy and super excited.

    Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for January 2014 cohort yet? I'm trying to find more people in our cohort!

    Congratulations to everyone. I'm excited to meet you all!

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