What is it like being a scrub nurse?

  1. Just looking for insight into this job, anything anyone can offer is appreciated.
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  3. by   CIRQL8
    I don't know what sort of information that you really want. Nor do I know if you are a nurse in another department or if you are not even in the medical field. One doesn't have to be a nurse to be a scrub. There are surgical technology programs available that educate specifically to the role of the scrub. Not every institution allows nurses to scrub. Many have gone solely to the surgical tech to be the scrub. It is more affordable as "scrubs" do not make as much as nurses. That being said, some institutions do cross train nurses to be both in the circulating and in the scrub role. Fewer institutions yet allow nurses to be employed solely as a scrub.

    The scrub must oat close attention to detail, to the sterile field, and to the surgery at hand. The scrub stands for many hours at a time. Depending on the institution, and the census for the day, you may not be able to expect more than one morning break and one lunch break. You may not be scrubbed the entire day, however cases need of be set around and properly prepared. The scrub must have a knowledge of medical terminology and learn the names and functions of a plethora of instrumentation.

    The scrubs that I work with (for the most part) absolutely love what they do. They don't always like who they work for (to be expected, every job has its drawbacks) but they do love the job and the challenge. They also like being a part of something bigger than themselves, something that helps to improve and maybe even save lives. There are many threads about this subject. Search back and you may find more stuff. Also google the AST. I don't exactly remember what it stands for, but it's the surgical technologists professional group.

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    Good evening--

    Rather than rambling a grocery list of what I do when I scrub as opposed to when I circle, I invite you to pm me with any questions you may have.

    I will do my best answer them and, should my random knowledge prove insufficient, I shall help find someone who can provide appropriate information.

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