Return to OR..looking for a good environment

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    Well, I am considering a return to OR but don't want a 10 minute call and would like to work in a good environment. I know it's out there..

    It's been about 3-4 yrs and I miss a lot of the atmosphere of the OR and really felt better when I worked in the OR.

    I left due to having a stress fracture and needed to be off my feet for months due to not wanting surgery on myself. So, anyone have an OR in the "South" they would recommend?
    I am licensed in NC,AL,TN,FL,SC,GA and a few others due to having been a traveler and keeping my license up as I worked for an insurance company and had enough!

    I am open to relocate... suggestions?

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    Ive never worked there, but the reputation of Baptist Health (florida) is pretty incredible.

    Im not ready to move down south, but if I do that place has always been at the very top of my list
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    Thanks for the reply. That's interesting about Baptist as they always seem to be looking which makes you wonder why they have trouble staffing there. Baptist in Miami or South Florida I assume you're meaning. I will keep that in mind.. and thanks again.

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