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Hi I would like to ask whose job would it be to position a patient during lumbar or cervical epidural injections, would it be the xray tech because he needs to shoot the picture or the nurse? ... Read More

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    It is the nurse's role to position the patient depending if the doctor want to do it himself, but if not, you will be responsible for it and then before the procedure starts you should verify to the surgeon whether he agrees with it or would like to make some adjustments. You are the nurse, it is your room, so everything that goes inside the room is your call. The doctor may be the captain, but remember, you are your patient's advocate. The patient comes first before anything else.

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    Quote from kim_093089
    thanks a lot susan and roxy
    what state do you guys work?
    Detroit, Michigan
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    in my work place, its the nurse, anesthesiologist and RT. If more help needed, we page for nursing attendants.
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    In our OR it would be the nurse who would position the patient. Adjustmentd would be done by the anesthesiologist if necessary.

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