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I've been precepting several new orientees for the last eight months or so and the latest person I've been with has been on my service since the beginning of May. The orientee has been through General, two rounds of peripheral... Read More

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    I agree with most of the responses. He is just a warm body! It seems to me that the nurse mgr wants him trained so he can just fill a position. I have 24 yrs in the OR and it took me almost 3 years to feel very comfortable, but I was able to function on my own after 1 year. If he doesn't show considerable improvement in the next month or so he should be told to find a different area. I personally would not want to be his call partner with this kind of attitude. I have the same problem with a new person that is on my shift. She has been here going on 1 year and still has problems remembering procedures. We have an all RN staff so all of us scrub and circulate and take our share of all types of cases. We have a very unusual situation here where we use NO techs at all. I think this guy needs to be talk to very frankly and told if there is no improvement he is gone. The nurse mgr should not allow this to continue for the safety of the patient, the weel-being of the staff and the sanity of the surgeons! It sounds like he has had plenty of time to learn and his lack of enthusiasm is too evident good luck with him, Mike.

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