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Hi everyone. I am so excited. Our school provides us with a 3 day OR experience. Tomorrow I am going to be shadowing a Circulating Nurse during a Colostomy takedown. Not sure what Friday holds for us yet. We saw quite a few... Read More

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    damn it damn it and double damn it ..... im new here and posted this fabulously long reply only to find i wasnt logged in !! so im not impressed and i wont be rewriting ...... anyway was just really having a sticky beak as im new ...... trying to figure this all out yet ..... seems a tad huge this site ..... should be something i can manage to stuff up quite well ....
    might post again later ..... toodles

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    Bummer! Love to hear from you. Get it a rest and try again later! Sometimes you just have to regroup! Take care - Carrie

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