Operating Room Research Topic

  1. I am at a surgery center for one of my clinicals. I have to do a research project and present it to the staff. My topic can be anything related to the perioperative experience and I am not sure where to begin. Any ideas for good topics that would be appropriate for nurses who have been working in the OR for years?
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  3. by   canesdukegirl
    You have a myriad of things to choose from!

    1. Greatest fears of the patient pre-operatively
    2. Hypothermia during open abd cases-causes and effects
    3. ABX usagerocedure. Why do some surgeons insist on using a certain ABX for a procedure and why do some elect not to use an ABX?
    4. How noise in the OR affects induction and emergence
    5. Positioning, and the importance of using gel pads/foam during surgery
    6. General anesthesia v. conscious sedation
    7. Consent issues with patients that do not speak English. Consent issues for prisoners. Consent issues for intubated patients that have no family to consent for them.
    8. Turnover times and the effect it has on the bottom line
    9. University/teaching hospitals v. community hospitals and how they differ in regards to productivity
    10. Sterility issues and lack of instrumentation for cases.
    11. Lateral violence in the OR and how to deal with challenging issues with personnel.
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    canesdukegirl-love reading your posts. Always very well thought out and have lots of information.