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Maybe OR is for me?

  1. 0 [font="georgia"]hello all!

    i have almost lasted 6 months in a med/surg position that i completely dislike. it's not the floor, its the type of nursing (i am not a med/surg nurse!!!). i have been trying to transfer for some time now, with the blessing of my floor managers. currently, or is one of my options. i should mention, i'm a new nurse. as many other people have posted, its hard to get a feel for or nursing with just the few days spent there in nursing school. here are some reasons that i'm hoping will make or a good fit for me:

    1) i do much better when i can focus on 1 patient. i would always rather deal with 1 difficult, complex project vs 5-8 easy ones! give me a master thesis over bunches of essays any day! i am very detail oriented as my fiance would say!

    2) i love anatomy. surgery has always fascinated me for this reason. the few times i have gotten all geared up for a surgery, i've felt such excitement!!

    3) i feel like i'm pretty good at "reading" pts and connecting with them in a short amount of time.

    4) i can do difficult personalities. i think going to a military school helped me with this. there was one endo dr. i met in nursing school that few nurses got along with, but he actually seemed to like me. i think its because i have a pretty all-encompassing sense of humor, and i got all his anatomy questions right!!!

    my biggest concern with going this route is that i'm not sure where it will take me in my career. i have always had long-term goals for myself, but now i'm really questioning what i want to do with my nursing degree. i'm considering just starting a masters program, then figuring out a specialty later.

    i'm sorry if this post seems to have no point!!! i guess i'm just looking for opinions and advice. i know its up to me to figure out what's right, but its always nice to have some outside input:wink2: thanks!!
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