Learning about Sutures - page 2

I am new to the OR as a circulator and I am looking for more information about sutures. The hospital I work for does not train the circulators on how to scrub so I dont get to see close ups on... Read More

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    Thanks so much for taking the time with your post. Definitely printing a copy!
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    chessepotato you are awesome
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    Great work!!!! Going to give this to the new nurses who start in our theatre all the way down here in Australia! You summed up what took me months to learn.
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    Thank you
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    Can this be a sticky???!
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    Absolutely amazing post! I went from surg tech to circulating nurse to Surgical NP, and I know my sutures, but your knowledge is impressive! You should write a book on sutures.

    Quote from CheesePotato
    2-0 (delicate suture for delicate work. Not too weak, not too strong) Silk (non absorbable). On an SH (Taper needle: atraumatic. Won’t do me a lick of good I’m slashing my bowel to bits to try to sew it together, ya know? P.S. This needle is also called a GI needle by some scrubs)
    I just saw this one thing that may be a little confusing. The SH is a GI needle, the PS is a cutter. Thank you for taking so much time to help our new colleagues.
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    That was awesome! Not being an O.R. Nurse, I usually just bring over the boxes of sutures and let the surgeons pick...lol...
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    Quote from CaliLvr000
    Can this be a sticky???!
    CheesePotato's post is now officially a sticky, can be found at the bottom of the Operating Room Nursing forum.

    Thanks for the suggestion, CaliLvr000!
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    That is an awesome overview of suture. Now to actually learn & memorize it. haha

    I think circulating only does hurt one's memory on suture.

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