I got to see a hysterectomy today! - page 2

It was SO cool! I'd seen a shoulder replacement and found that really, really boring, but this - exciting! This woman had a fibroid the size of a softball removed. And all of my illusions about... Read More

  1. by   Bummer01
    Techs may not "assist" but we do suction, staple, cut suture, and retract all the time. We are more hands on(blood and guts), but not better than ANYONE in the room. I couldn't do my job without a wonderful circulator to get additional/different suture, more laps, or anthing else that was added to the case b/c of a faulty preferrence card...
    In addition, you should check out ST programs, if you have currently had A&P, Pharm, and Chem you might be able to go into the clinical phase and only have about a year to become a surgical technologist.. Good luck!!