How much do OR Nurses make?

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    How much do OR nurses make in average and how much in NC?

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    It really depends on what state you are in and how much experience you have, so you should ask in the North Carolina forums.
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    i made over 120k last year minus the tax.try it here in SF bay area
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    NC is tricky. I worked at UNC (FTE and a traveler) and in Raleigh. Cost of living is much higher than pay . In 2000 I started at a WHOPPING $15.25/hr. I hear that the average new grad is now $18-20/hr but a 1 bedroom in a decent complex in atleast $700 not including utilities.
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    In Hawaii, on average, as of August it will be 43 per hour, 5.50 per hour for on call.
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    I work OR in Florida and just graduated in may of '08, I currently pull in $24 an hour, if you work the 11-7 like me add another $5.50.
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    Depends on length of being nurse in the hospital.
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    AORN has a salary calculator on our site, but you need to be a member to access it:

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