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Hello everybody. I am currently in nursing school and am a year away from graduation :yeah:. I am really really interested in becoming an RN surgical first assistant. Does anybody know what the parameters are? How to become... Read More

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    In anything.

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    So from what I am reading from the earlier posts that RNFA is really a waist? My friend who was on the waiting list for nursing school got into a surgical first assistant program and graduated in 2 yrs and is making more money then any of the RN's I know. It would seem that Dr's would want RN's because of their stronger medical background. SFA are basically scrub techs with extra training. Not to knock either profession - but I want to get into OR nursing - and was thinking the RNFA was the way to go. But it seems that maybe taking the program to become a Surgical Assistant is better.

    Any thoughts on this? Love to hear it first hand.

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    What do the RNs you know make?
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    is it possible to become an RNFA w/ little or no scrub experience? At my hospital circulators do not scrub, only techs I have no way to get the scrub experience....

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